Are you bored?


I can’t understand why some people get bored. Why? Are you bored right now? Then, do something! There are so many things that you can do. Read, for one. Watch TV. Or walk outside. You can even pray or meditate. Or exercise! There are so many things you can do in order to entertain yourself and to get your endorphins working.

You know I saw a Facebook post by a high school classmate. Bored. I really wanted to ask why because there are things she can do, you know, like talk to me or someone online. But I stopped myself. I concentrated on searching for that sousaphone for sale for a friend who used to be bored all the time but found a way to be productive and creative. He turned to music. Played in his free time and worked as an artist during the other times.

Extra income, goodbye boredom.

You can do that, too, you know. So when you are bored, just turn your head left and right and you will find something to do for sure.

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