3 Reasons Music Theory is Important

Like every other subject, music has a foundation. Music’s foundation stems from music theory. When someone who would like to become a professional within the music industry, either as a musician, writer or producer, has taken and understood the material taught in a theory class, it is to their advantage. Theory is the class where music professionals learn to speak the same language. Today, there are a number of ways to learn about music theory. Purchasing a music theory workbook and teaching yourself is one way. Attending and completing a course at the local community college or online are two more ways.

Here are three reasons why it is important to study and learn music theory.

It is the Foundation

A person cannot correctly work through an algebra equation if they have not first learned how to abide by order of operations as well as add, multiply and divide. It is possible to guess at the equation and maybe get the right answer, but it will be much easier to learn the basics of math first. Music is no different. There are music professionals who taught themselves how to play an instrument, write lyrics or perform without first mastering the foundation of music. The day they work with a producer or music executive who speaks in music theory, though, how will they fare?

The Basics

In a music theory class, at an education institution or self-taught setting, you will learn about the music alphabet, scales and intervals among other essentials like chords and key signatures. Understanding that music is written in different pitches for different instruments and then, being able to read music written in a variety of pitches will make a potential musician more versatile.

Puts it All Together

Learning and mastering the basics of music theory helps a person become a well-rounded musician. Suddenly, you will understand the reasoning behind music composition. There is a reason why certain notes are strung together, and there is also a reason why flat notes are sometimes used over sharp notes. Plus, a solid understand of music theory will relieve undue stress on your music career allowing it to go as long as you hope.

Every subject stems from its foundation, and music is no different. Gaining an understanding of music theory helps future music professionals learn the basics and then, helps put it all together.

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