An inspiration to all.

It’s not everyday you get to meet someone very inspiring not only to you but to everyone around him. I met that kind of person almost a year ago now. He is an inspiration to everyone here in the office. A very faithful man to the Word of God, even sacrificing his own money to give to others.

Just recently he went on a trip, a mission for the church where he belongs. He saw the condition of the indigents of that place he and his group went to. When he saw the condition of the place there, he told himself that he will help in whatever way he can, even praying to come back to that place to offer his services to the indigents.

Yesterday, while he and I were talking about that very trip, he told me that he was checking out what guitar center raleigh is offering online. He wants to get some instruments for the indigents to use in their worship or even for their own entertainment. I told him to continue the good deeds he’s doing because I am sure he will be blessed a thousandfold for it.

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