Seasonal Backdrops For Photography

Have you noticed that time flies really fast these days? I remembered when I was young, I long for the time to finish my studies and go out to work. Then I long for my kids to grow up and after working for more than 30 years, I long for the time to retire. Then just prior to my retirement, I started to feel that the time has no brake. I started to wish for the time to slow down a bit but no, it didn’t. Now that I am retired, the day passes by so quickly that I still have so many unfinished projects.

We have just bid the month of May goodbye and have stepped into the first week of June. It seemed like we have just celebrated the Chinese New Year but 6 months have already passed by. It was only recently, that my friends from overseas have just posted their grandchild’s photos to us. They have just celebrated their little granddaughter’s 1st birthday. They took her to a photo studio recently for some photo shoots. The photographer used some Easter spring backdrops for photography to take snapshots of the little girl cutting her 1st birthday cake. The rest were group photos with family members.


So far we have only seen photos of their granddaughter. In fact, they were planning to make a trip back to their hometown if everything works out well for them by the end of the year. They look forward to spending Christmas with their extended family members in their hometown. They have been away for many years and they feel that it is time to make a trip back to the place they were born and have grown up.


Last Christmas, the granddaughter was only 6 months old and not convenient to travel long distance. What they did was, they took the granddaughter to the photo studio. Initially, the 6 months old baby made a fuss and they almost gave up taking any photos. Thankfully, after a few minutes of soft and comforting words from the grandmother, the baby quieten down and even managed a few smile for the camera. The photos were taken against a few beautiful Christmas backdrops for photography chosen by the photography. Those were some lovely Christmas photos for sweet memories.

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