Who To Hire When Buying A New Home?

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Buying a new home needn’t be a complicated process. In fact, there are plenty of professionals who can be hired to guide you along. Here are just a few people you may wish to looking into.

Estate agents

Whilst there are plenty of listing sites and independent sellers on the internet, estate agents can come in handy for helping to take away a lot of the stress. When selling your old home, estate agents can help to market it in the best light. They can also arrange visits whilst you’re at work or out of the house. They will take some commission from the sale but this can often be worth it for those struggling to sell their home (you can also often negotiate rates). Generally estate agents won’t charge buyers, although there are some shifty realtors that do – something worth asking about first.


Surveyors can be used to check that a property is in good condition. This can be useful for checking that there aren’t any expensive repairs around the corner. Whilst mortgage lenders will generally do a valuation of the home you’re moving into, this is not the same as a survey – they will only be checking that the price matches the property and not looking out for any potential damage that may need repairing.


Home-buying solicitors (or conveyancers as they’re commonly known) are needed to transfer the legal ownership of the property. Whilst you can do this yourself, there’s so much legal paperwork required and so many implications if it is incorrect that it’s almost always worth handling a professional. You may be able to hire a conveyancer from a local law firm or from a specialist conveyancer company. Don’t be afraid to negotiate rates.

Moving companies

It’s possible to move all your belongings yourself by hiring a van, but if you’ve got lots of possessions, you’ll be taking lots of trips back and forth. Moving companies can shift your stuff quickly and efficiently. There are long distance moving companies for those that are travelling across the country. There are even specialist overseas companies. Some removals companies will be able to provide a packing kits including cardboard boxes and bubble wrap and other useful materials.

Mortgage brokers

If you haven’t decided on a mortgage yet, it could be worth hiring a mortgage broker to help you try and find the best deal. These brokers can do research for you and advise on the best mortgage company for you. It’s possible that through relationships with multiple lenders that they may be able to get you a special deal that you wouldn’t find on the high street. They may also be able to accommodate for low credit ratings or specialist properties. Estate agents can help to recommend local brokers and may be able to get you a deal.

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