Looking like a sensational diva!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

You don’t need to look tired and worn out when going out with friends on a Friday night after office hours. You can still look fresh and sensational by just adding up something to your everyday office look. Let me enumerate a few ways to change your look when going out on a date or with friends for drinks after work.

Sexy Top


I must admit that this is the easiest way to up the ante to your work day look. I often bring an extra top with me on Fridays to make sure that I am ready to party the night away with friends after work. I just have to change my top into something sexy and voila! Ready to party the night away.

Gorgeous Locks


This is something new that I learned a couple of months ago. Instead of taking so much time styling your hair differently for a night out, I found that using a wig is so much easier and less time-consuming. In the beginning, I thought that wearing a wig, putting it, would be difficult but I found one that is easy to use and easy on the pocket. My find: a Sensational Instant Weave Glam Series half wig – Lena from Divatress, a company that offers not only wigs but also hair care products. It is 100% premium fiber wig which you can style in 60 seconds. What I like about using a wig is that it not only adds to the beauty level of a woman but it also adds some mystery to a woman’s persona.

Bouncy, wavy, gorgeous locks of hair at night… it is an instant wow factor for a woman out at night!

Night-time Make Up


Smoky or glittery eye shadow. A darker shade of lipstick. And heavier make-up. That’s an idea for a night-time look for a woman about to have some after-work fun.

There are so many other ways to change your look when you are about to go out and have fun. The three I mentioned are just the basic ones. What else have you thought of?

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