Where Can Your Talent For Project Management Take You?

What kind of background or industry do you think is best suited for an individual that is excellent at managing projects from birth to completion? Trick question, because if you’re this type of professional, every industry will accept you with open arms. In fact, some industries are desperate to refill their ranks with brilliant project managers. This is not to be confused with a manager. A manager will be in charge of the daily running of a section and or department. However, a project manager is a more senior role higher than the standard manager role. The project manager is a part of the administration level, thus they are sandwiched between the department and it’s most senior ranks and the C-suite. If you’re in this line of work, you may want to know where your expertise takes you in 2020.

Helping the needy

The economy in 2019 was heavily boosted by actions of the FED. The lowering of rates made it easier for people to borrow more money and thus this lead to the FED started quantitative easing 4 in all but name. This has given a large springboard to the stock market as business owners can pump more equity into their companies and thus, make more stocks available to the public. In return, the public will invest in the business by buying that stock. What does all this mean for you as a project manager? Inherently, this means more funding will be put into research and development and creating new products. For a small business just taking on the new challenges in 2020, a project manager is simply invaluable. At any other time, when the economy was more boring and stable, you wouldn’t be advised to be emboldened by the number of opportunities. However, this year, every project manager should take small business opportunities just as serious as medium or large-sized business opportunities. The needy small business owner will happily highly pay an experienced project manager to come on board with them.

Working for the public?

There aren’t too many professions that can be utilized in the public sector. The public arena is one of governance and providing multiple services for the populace at large. So where does a project manager fit in? It all depends on whether you have an MPA or an MBA. Both are similar yet very different in a number of ways. If you’re weighing up your career options, it’s a good idea to explore both professions. An MPA is great for working in the public sector because you’ll be trained and tested in project management regarding governance. At the pinnacle in your role, you would be overseeing and managing large-scale projects such as building a dam, creating a new highway or railway line, installing a new military base etc. An MPA course will focus on the social impact of the projects and government decisions. An MBA will primarily focus on business operations, cost-effective decision-making, technological advancements and satisfying the market.

Into the ‘biz’

Millions and millions of people will be climbing out of the lower class and jumping into the middle class. For every industry, this is music CEOs will be dancing to. Speaking of music, the music industry is hotter than ever. With so many new artists emerging in 2019 and previously new artists now becoming mature artists, it’s the right time to showcase your talent as a project manager. A project manager can work for artists directly, plan out their year and all the events that will occur. If the client would like to bring out a new album, a project manager would play a vital role in planning and developing all necessary strategies to fulfill their wishes. Everything from marketing, music videos, studio recordings, songwriting, fan interaction, social media and organizing tours, will be left in your hands. Such a huge task will not go unrewarded as music artists will gladly pay a high salary to their project managers. It is slightly difficult to get into the business, but networking at events is the key to ramming your foot in the door.

Your own endeavor

Project managers are almost on the same level of risk analysts with regards to possessing the skills needed to run your own business. Several years in this line of work will award you the skills and insight on how to run your own business so you can work for yourself. For those looking to become independent, the project management profession is definitely something you must become versed in.

There’s so much responsibility on the shoulders of project managers. Yet the rewards both in terms of achievements and salary are more than worth the trouble. Consider these industries and positions if you would like to become or advance as a project manager.

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