Top 10 technologies that have become useful for motorists

Car enthusiasts with driving experience of more than 20-30 years appreciate comfort along with safety in their vehicles. However, they tend not to care all too much about such things as high-speed performance and maneuverability as opposed to younger motorists. In today’s article, we would like to present to you the 10 most modern auto technologies that have become useful for experienced motorists.

Blind spot monitoring

The blind spot monitoring system, which is installed in the new nissan altima and other vehicles is extremely useful if you find yourself often in some heavy traffic, as the technology notifies you when there is a car in your blind spot. Certain advanced blind spot monitoring systems are capable of slowing down the car when the driver attempts to change lanes quickly and dangerously.

Collision avoidance system

This system automatically uses an emergency brake when various obstacles appear in front of your vehicle. The technology is particularly useful for people with poor eyesight, as well as for those who do not have a quick reaction. The technology performs even better when driving at high speeds but it is also quite good in regular urban conditions.

Adaptive cruise control

Today, there are many different adaptive cruise control systems that can help drivers relax when driving a long distance.

Adaptive LED headlights

Adaptive LED headlights that are installed in some modern vehicles today can automatically change the direction of light rays in synchronism with the direction in which the car is moving. Thanks to this, the driver has the maximum visibility without dazzling the oncoming traffic.

Automatic day and night vision side mirrors

Day / night side mirrors can help drivers with poor eyesight better control their vehicle. Due to the technology, drivers at night will not be dazzled from the headlights of other cars that are reflected in their side mirrors.

Sunshade visors

Retractable sun visors are quite helpful for drivers in the sunny weather. They protect the eyes from the sun, flashes of light preventing the risk of accidents.

Satellite navigation

Satellite navigation is more often used in unfamiliar cities. Navigation helps the driver if it is difficult for them to understand the names of the streets or when looking for a particular place. The most sophisticated navigators have a large screen with quite a few functions simplifying the process of navigating unfamiliar areas.


The autopark system is aimed at drivers who have difficulty parking, as it does all the parking for the driver. The best systems are offered by such car manufacturers as Ford and Tesla.

Parking assistance system

Many modern vehicles such as a bmw sedan have a system that helps when parking. Such a system includes rear view cameras, 360 degrees cameras along with many sensors.

Adjustable steering wheel

The adjustable steering wheel is an indispensable device for motorists who want to get the best sitting position possible. Such a wheel can be power adjusted so that the driver feels comfortable and is in full control of the vehicle.

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