Wear proper motorcycle clothing to enjoy safe rides

A motorcycle is usually used as a cheaper alternative mode of transportation. It is a 2 wheeler motor vehicle such as the street bike, the cruiser, scooter or a sport bike. There are also 3 wheeler motorcycles available. People ride motorcycles for long and short distance travel e.g. commuting to and from work, or to run their daily errands. Motorcycles are also used for sport racing, off the road riding or dirt riding, and motocross racing.

There are many brands of motorcycles e.g. Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, etc. Motorcycle is a popular mode of transport for the lower income group as well as the average income group. Motorcycle is cheap compared to a car and it has low fuel consumption. Motorcycling is dangerous because the riders are fully exposed and are without any protection shield or covering around them compared to the car drivers.


Motorcycle clothing are designed to help minimize the extent of injuries to the motorcyclists sustained during accidents, crash or falls. Every motorcycle rider should be encouraged to wear proper safety motorcycle clothing for their own protection.


Every motorcyclist when out riding, should be wearing an armored motorcycle jacket. An armored motorcycle jacket is important to ensure added protection. There are many variety of jackets, made from different materials such as leather, textile, and mesh. There are also many brands of motorcycle jackets that are armored, each offering competitive prices for the benefits of their customers. Popular brands also supply ample choices of women’s leather motorcycle jacket with armor to meet the needs of their women customers.

A motorcycle jacket is to keep the rider warm and comfortable in the cold weather. It is also to protect the rider from the blazing hot sun. A waterproof motorcycle jacket is to keep out the rain and cold. A good quality jacket is protect your skin, flesh, muscles, bones, etc. in case of an accident, crash, or fall.

A good quality armored jacket should be able to shield rider from both the hard impact and abrasion. Preferably the jacket should be water resistant as well. The jacket should be comfortable with good fit, without being tight to restrict easy movement. It also should be too loose to expose the body parts in case of a fall. All jackets should have double or triple stitching for all types of materials to prevent tearing along the joints.

Bikers have a wide selection of branded jackets to choose from depending on your budget. Jackets come in different designs, materials, colours, etc.

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