How To Get The Most Out Of Your Pest Control

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Discovering you have pests and insects as roommates can be a nuisance. Immediately after uncovering this not so suspenseful mystery, you may have quickly picked up the phone and called your pest authority of Charlottesville or wherever you are local. You cannot rest easy yet. It is important that you prepare your space for pest control to ensure you are getting the most out of your money. Making sure your home or apartment is thoroughly prepared will result in the effective elimination of pests and insects.

Having pests can be utterly inconvenient. Imagine finding your stuff being destroyed. Schedule a pest control as soon as you can! Just make sure that everything is in order before you schedule a pest control via

Some professional pest control operators give you a list of things to be completed around the house before their visit, so some preparation steps are standard. Nonetheless, here are some ways you can get the most out of your pest control appointment by the type of service you may be receiving.

Flea Control Service

You love your animals, your dogs and cats, but they can sometimes track pests like fleas into the house. An infestation of fleas is grounds for calling your local pest authority or you can try to solve the problem yourself. Either way, your pet, yard and home must be treated for fleas at the same time. Be sure that you wash all pet bedding in hot water or destroy it and throw it away. Buy another one. You do not want any fleas that may have set up shop on your dog’s bed to remain after you have treated everything. Another preparation step that is recommended is to vacuum any carpet, mop any hard-surface floors. Do not forget to get along the walls and the inside closets. Cleaning or vacuuming furniture between and under the cushions is also a great preparation step you can take to make sure you are ridding everything of fleas.

Cockroach Control Service

It is very likely your pest authority will be using a gel bait insecticide when it comes to getting rid of cockroaches. Small beads of gel bait are placed in places the cockroaches frequent, harbor or feed. The cockroaches eat the bait either sharing it with others or dying off.

Before your pest authority comes to rid your house of cockroaches, it is a given that you should clean your house before their visit. You should also devote yourself to keeping your home nice and tidy as to abolish any food sources for the bugs. This increases the chances of the bugs actually taking the bait.

Keep your countertops free from food, dishes and small appliances. In the event you have any open food, cover it and throw it either in the fridge or the pantry. Give your kitchen a good cleaning, making sure to mop and scrub surfaces with detergent. Keep movable appliances like your fridge and stove away from the wall, making sure to clean under and behind them. If you come across any roach eggs before your pest authority pays your house a visit, vacuum up the eggs using a crevice attachment. After doing that, make sure you take the vacuum cleaner out of the house, seal the trash bag properly and dispose of it properly.

Being in communication with your pest authority is imperative, especially if someone in your home or apartment has particular allergy issues, pregnant or under the age of one. When your house is getting serviced, be sure that everyone in the house, including pets, stay out of the area. The length of time depends on the directions given to you by your pest authority.

Ant Control Service

Your pest professional may use a similar gel bait insecticides to kill off ants. Just like the process to getting rid of cockroaches, they may place small beads of the bait in the places where ants have been seen feeding or trailing. The gel is either placed on tiny pieces of cardboard. It could also be inside an ant bait station. To prepare for this service, make sure you clean up spills, vacuum really good and store food either in containers that ants cannot get to or the fridge.

Wipe down your counters and sweep your floors. You want to make sure you are eliminating or at least reducing potential ant food sources by vacuuming thoroughly so you get the little crumbs you cannot even see. Empty your trash consistently and regularly. The same thing applies when it comes to washing dishes or running the dishwasher.
It is also important to avoid leaving pet food sitting out after you pet has finished eating. When you are recycling, make sure that you rinsing those recyclables thoroughly if you collect them in the house before taking them out to the recycling bin for pick up. Storing them in ant-proof containers until they are ready to be taken out to a recycling center or your recycling bin, is another way to prepare for your service and make it last for as long as possible.

When your exterminator finally pays you a visit, be prepared to explain accurately where you are seeing the ants and if you have seen them in the past. You should also ask for any post-treatment instructions if they apply.

Bed Bug Service

These are the most difficult to treat and control. They are so hard to get rid of, it is almost impossible to do it without the help of a professional. Once you make that call to your pest authority, you must take off all bedding. This includes things like sheets, covers, dust ruffles, pillowcases and bed liners just to name a few. Give those bed linens a good wash in the hottest water possible. Wait until at least four hours, or another time instructed by your pest professional, before replacing the bed linens after your house has been treated.

Another prep step is to remove all personal items like clothes, toys, shoes and other stored materials from the furniture and floor throughout the home. Clothes should be thoroughly washed in piping hot water as well. When putting them in the dryer, your dryer should be set on the highest setting without damaging your clothes. For clothes that cannot be put through the washer and dryer, take them to the dry cleaner and have them inspected for bugs carefully. It is recommended that you do not put any clothes in rooms or areas that are infested until treatment has been properly completed and all bedbugs have been eliminated.

When it comes to your mattress, vacuum the box spring to remove any bugs dead or alive. Once you are done, double-bag the vacuum bags and throw them away in an outdoor trash can promptly so as to avoid re-introducing or spreading any bedbugs caught in the vacuum.

If you are moving, do not move any of your furniture to another home during or before the treatment as you could spread bedbugs to another home, your car or workplace and re-infest your home after spending so much money on treatment.

Rodent Control Service

If you see one mouse or rate, you might as well assume there are more. You can rid your house of them do-it-yourself style, but it may be best to call a professional to make sure you are getting rid of the whole family.
Prepare for this service call by repairing all the holes in your walls and along the baseboards. You should also seal doors that do not close all the way as well as remove everything from the top of your fridge. Get everything beneath the kitchen sink as well. Doing so will give your pest professional clear access to all areas of the house, ensuring your treatment will be as effective and last as long as possible.

When your exterminator arrives at your home to get the job done, be prepared to clearly explain the situation, emphasizing areas where you have seen the mice or rats, or signs of mice or rats have been seen. To make sure you are continuing to control, clean, sweep and vacuum your home regularly. Take out your trash regularly, keep the lids on your trash cans and keep all areas around the house as clean as possible. Throw out any unnecessary storage including boxes, paper and clothing.

Termite Service

Termites are not something you should try to eliminate yourself because there is specific equipment required to be used in order to get rid of them for good. Because there are different types of termites, there is special expertise that is needed to control each of those different species. Prepare your home for this service by moving all your furniture, appliances or stored items away from all the interior walls by at least three feet. Your pest authority will designate areas that need treatment. If your closets also need treatment, your clothes and everything else in your closet needs to be either taken out or covered. Doing so will protect them from dust that is caused by drilling into the wall and ceiling surfaces during treatment.

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