Growing number of plant-fans everywhere!

plantsAre you one of the numerous fans of various house plants that have been posting in social media about it, left and right? I love plants. I have grown up surrounded by it because of my mom who was, primarily, a big fan of orchids. But I must admit I am not as big a fan as others who really shell out their hard-earned money for the newest “it” house plant being sold at the moment.

Still, the PlantShed flower delivery is bookmarked because we all love a house with plants and flowers in it. Succulents are our favorite right now. A high school friend of mine gave us a couple of succulents and it’s thriving, thanks to my sister who takes care of the plants we have.

I remember when my brother was getting married, my sister and I took care of almost everything related to the church and the reception venue. The flowers, in particular, we really made sure were ones guests would remember even years later. We were successful in that area, I must say. People remembered the beautiful white flowers we chose for the church, bouquets, boutonnières, and even centerpieces for the reception venue. Cally Lily is the primary flower we chose. It was really beautiful!

Plants, flowers, are not just to be placed at home. Every celebration needs to have flowers, in my opinion. If a special someone will be celebrating a milestone, you can always rely on gift delivery from Plant Shed in New York City, or elsewhere for that matter, so you can convey your felicitations.

A house plant, a bouquet of flowers, a succulent in a cute pot, or even a bonsai. Almost every person I know will thank you if you give them one now.

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