I had a chance to chat with my girl friends, Che, Jing and Shen last April 29, after Tim’s wedding reception at the Coconut Palace. We were catching up on the events in each other’s lives and it was fun.

Che is now a registered nurse working at the Orthopedic Hospital. Her husband is working as well and their son, Von, is now 6 years old. Che is working so hard because her mother in law will finance her application to the US after a year. Che has a soft spot for the elderly. And she’ll be a very good nurse for those people because she’s naturally a caring person.

Jing is now working for Samsung Electronics. This girl has two kids already and you wouldn’t even believe it! She’s so sexy and fab! 🙂

Shen, on the other hand, has been my topic in this post.

We all chatted the night away at Coffee Bean in Banawe. We waited for Che to get off her shift and we went our way past 1am.

It’s always fun to spend time with close friends, especially with your barkada.


  • vk

    nice to be together again with some old, closed friends——

    telebaba hanggang umaga talaga, ano?….kung pwede pa…..heheheh

    me too, kahit walang tulugan basta meron pansit-lumi—–lol

    thanks for sharing

  • vk

    hope she likes caring old people…..

    what i know here, maging inheritants pa sila….kasi yon last love sa matanda napunta sa kanila, kaya nabago ang testamento…..napunta sa mga nursing aid or nurse or yon nag-alaga sa kanila…..

    kaya presently, my new laws, gawa pa, hindi pa asekaso na….

    na the last testament sa matanda daw na ang mag-inherit sa mga property nya-matanda, yon nurse nya…..
    hindi daw pwede, kasi may mga familya daw ang matanda, kung wlang familya my relatives daw…………heheheheh

    eh, paano, napunta ang kayaman sa nurse or sa nag-alaga sa kanya….

    siguro, isip sa matanda…..mabuti pa ang nurse nya, may time at nag-alaga sa kanya, where as familya nya walang oras n love sa kanya….

    we will say, my love pero walang oras………….

    hay mataas naman itong comments ko, sasha…

    thanks ha