Cyber Monday 2014: A disappointment :-(

Cyber Monday 2014

I was a bit disappointed with yesterday’s Cyber Monday! There wasn’t really that many good deals for bloggers like me who were looking for deals on web hosting and domain registration. Or I might have been focused on Bluehost and Godaddy only. Ha!

You see, I am a loyal customer. When I find a service I am satisfied with, I don’t go looking anywhere else anymore. I am a very satisfied Bluehost and Godaddy customer for years! All my domains are registered at Godaddy while I’ve been with Bluehost for years as well. I was expecting a big discount on renewals on both companies but I guess they didn’t focus on that this year. Last year, I was able to get really, really good discounts.

Oh well, better luck next year for me!

I just have to take note here that both Bluehost Tech supports and Godaddy people were very accommodating, even helping me check deals applicable to me. I am really hats off to these companies who know how to value their loyal customers!

Nine to five blog

I used to have a blog solely dedicated for the stuff about my college education, board exams, Accountancy and work life. I had a lot of things to write about and I shared it there. But maintaining a niche blog is hard. I realized that when I started struggling with specific entries to write. Plus, I have other blogs to maintain that I kept forgetting about that one. I stopped and let the domain expire after about a year. Sayang ano?

What I did was make a back-up copy of all the entries I wrote. I know that one of these days I will make use of all those entries by either opening a new blog similar to the last one or by posting it as part of this blog. I am undecided yet though I already have specific plans for it in my mind.

This time around, I will include some other topics in it, still related to work/jobs. I will let you know about it once I made a decision. I am sure it will be a new blog instead of incorporating the entries here.


Renewal of domains.

The thing with maintaining a large number of sites is that you have to be ready for the time when you will be renewing the domain names attached to each.

I know some bloggers who made sure to register their domain names for three to five years in one go. I couldn’t do that lest I will be out of money in my online account. So what I do is I register for a year and wait until its due date to renew each. Of course, there are domain names which will expire on the same day so the renewal cost can be too much for me.

Well, what I am trying to say here is that be sure that you have the capacity to maintain a site including renewal of its domain name before you start one. You can choose to go the free way with Blogger DOT com and WordPress DOT com but if you want a personalized site, your own URL, that is, then be prepared to shell out a small amount every year for the domain name renewal.

I am telling you, if you have more than three domains to renew in one go, it will make a big dent on your pocket unless you have a discount coupon code to use.

Coming to an end?!

You what they say, some good things must come to an end. And no matter how much you struggle to keep it going, at a certain point you will have to relinquish control and give up. Because the end is in sight and you really can’t do anything about it anymore. It is beyond your control.

The good old blogging days of mine is coming to an end. I can see it already. No, I won’t stop blogging. Ever! I will be old and gray but I will still be a blogger. But this profitable blogging journey of mine is coming to a close, and pretty soon, I believe.

Bloggers like me have to thank G00gle for The End. With their recent updates, it made us impossible to earn anymore. Fewer and fewer advertisers are risking their search engine rankings buying posts from small time web owners like us. Well, thanks to the penalty they are being threatened with they are not risking it if it means the lord of the internet will punish them for it. Sigh.

I am sad that my profitable blogging days might end soon. Blogging has served me well and I’ve been really happy working from home and being with my family while earning a living. A part of me is excited as well. A new journey is on the horizon and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Taking my time…

I am in the middle of some big changes in my work life. The latest update this net lord did affected my work-at-home life so much that I am now forced to make a drastic change to compensate for it.

But, lest you think I am mad or bitter over it, I am actually okay. I have finally accepted that some good things really never last. It was good, yes, and it gave me so much. I was able to spend so much time with the family while earning a decent amount of income every month. I was, and still is, hoping that it would last a couple more years but since I am about 75% sure that it won’t continue as I hoped it would, I have to take appropriate actions to continue to earn.


Sayang lang talaga. Who doesn’t want to work at home in your pajamas, surrounded by your family, and the income is more than enough to cover the monthly bills as well as the basics of the whole household? Yes, I was earning that much. Truth be told, in my heart of hearts, I am still hoping that the net lord will take pity on us small bloggers and will cut us some slack in this link business we are all involved in.

Further cut?!?

I am sorry I have to let this out. I need to vent so bear with me.

I know that it is my choice to join a certain program, receive jobs from them, and the corresponding fee for it. They get a cut out of the fee I am getting for each job and it is perfectly fine with me. It is a choice I make each and every time I accept a job.

But to find out when they pay you that they are letting you bear the fees when they already got a cut out of the payment you are getting is a bit unfair to me. The fees are minimal, yes, but I am just disappointed that they are making a further cut out of the little income I would get!

Just disappointed. I used to get my payments without any fees deducted from it. I don’t know why for the past couple of months they’ve been using a mode of payment where there are fees involved. And then they will make me ‘suffer’ because of it. Ugh!

Regularly change passwords.


That’s what I am going to implement this year on all my accounts. I will change my passwords every now and then. In very important accounts such as web hosting account, blogs, and primary email accounts.

I recently experienced getting my web hosting account hacked and it was a major concern for me considering the sites hosted there are not only mine but also of some friends. I couldn’t very well let it sit there just like that so the minute I found some irregularities in one of my sites, I double-checked all the sites and the cpanel as well. It was a tedious process and one that I don’t want to happen again.

long passwords

Do you agree?

So, as one of the precautions I am undertaking in securing all my accounts, I am going to regularly change passwords and will do a sweep of my cpanel for anything suspicious that needs triple-checking. I will use longer passwords to make sure it will be harder to guess, hopefully. And I will be more vigilant, more so than I did last year.

Change your passwords. It just might save you from a huge headache, you know.

Twenty Fourteen theme used.

A couple of years ago, I commissioned a Malaysian couple to do a customized WordPress theme for this blog. They were not yet the popular design duo that they are now so the fee was minimal for a customized theme. I was able to afford their services.

old theme
The old customized theme of this blog.

I wanted a new theme for 2014 so I checked their current rates and I immediately backed out. I cannot afford their rates anymore! I understand, of course, that they are popular now and, well, it’s been years so I thought instead of checking out other similarly pricey customized themes, I’d just use a free one.

I upgraded to WordPress 3.8 and the free theme that came with it was the Twenty Fourteen theme. Since I cannot customize the header and sidebar colors, I checked a child theme and found one that I can fully customize to my liking! And voila! A new theme using my old header!

What do you think?

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