Live abroad

I don’t really intend to move away from my country but there are some things that I feel like I’m missing out on because I’m here. Concerts, plays, book signings. These are just three events that I feel I missed out and am still missing out on. Not all of my favorite bands and solo performers come to the country to hold a concert. It takes years before they come. Think John Mayer.

And then there are the plays. It would have been great to see Rent on Broadway when it was still running. And the book signings… There are so many authors that I really like and I would have loved to get my books signed. As usual, they don’t come here. Only a handful come and sign books.

These are just some of the reasons why I would have loved to live abroad.

MOM: It’s your day!!!

MOMs Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you MOMs out there!

You are a child’s light, guide and best friend. You are a daughter’s ally. You are a son’s security blanket. You are an amazing person and you deserve all our love! May you get not only love and appreciation today but in every single day for the rest of your life.

Enjoy your special day!


2012, hear me out! ;-)


I only have one wish for 2012: that it become much better than 2011.

I just want to achieve my goals and end the year with a big smile on my face. Increase my income. Save enough. Travel more. And just enjoy life.

What are your goals for this year?

Happy 2012! Here’s wishing we all have something brilliant to happen to us this year.


Facebook Friends List


Do you add every person who adds you as a friend in Facebook? How do you talk to the 400+ people in your friends list? Do you even read their updates?

I have 106 friends in Facebook. I removed the 11 I realized I added by mistake. These are people I don’t actually talk to and don’t care about. So I removed them from my friends list. I am now down to 95. Ang konti di ba? The thing is, these people are the ones I am interested about. The people I care about what’s happening in their lives. These are the people I really talk to and will talk to when I see them online.

More people have added me on Facebook. I am not a snob when I ignore their requests. It’s just that, whenever someone adds me up, I ask myself, do I really want these people to know what’s happening in my life? Do I want these people to be able to read my senseless (haha) posts? The only answer I can come up with is “NO!” so I ignore them and move on.

I understand that some people use Facebook to generate income. I’ve seen others selling items there. Now, adding 1,000+ is the way to go. But for a personal account? No offense to those who have more than 400+ friends. This post is for me. I just can’t see myself interacting with that many people in my account.

My FB is an intimate affair and I would like it to stay as such.

How about you?

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