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Do you add every person who adds you as a friend in Facebook? How do you talk to the 400+ people in your friends list? Do you even read their updates?

I have 106 friends in Facebook. I removed the 11 I realized I added by mistake. These are people I don’t actually talk to and don’t care about. So I removed them from my friends list. I am now down to 95. Ang konti di ba? The thing is, these people are the ones I am interested about. The people I care about what’s happening in their lives. These are the people I really talk to and will talk to when I see them online.

More people have added me on Facebook. I am not a snob when I ignore their requests. It’s just that, whenever someone adds me up, I ask myself, do I really want these people to know what’s happening in my life? Do I want these people to be able to read my senseless (haha) posts? The only answer I can come up with is “NO!” so I ignore them and move on.

I understand that some people use Facebook to generate income. I’ve seen others selling items there. Now, adding 1,000+ is the way to go. But for a personal account? No offense to those who have more than 400+ friends. This post is for me. I just can’t see myself interacting with that many people in my account.

My FB is an intimate affair and I would like it to stay as such.

How about you?

Do you read?

I love reading. Anything that catches my interest, I read. Even if it’s just a brochure or a flyer from a real estate company, I read it. Reading gives me additional knowledge. It also brings me to new places I’ve never been to. When reading a novel, I get to meet interesting and mysterious characters. I get to meet the author of the novel. Reading also makes my rather sluggish and boring days more interesting. It adds color to my life.

You’d probably ask why I am writing about books right now. I just read the column of Susan Ople in Tempo (Manila Bulletin’s small broadsheet). She talked about how kids these days read less than kids of yesterday. When there was no internet yet, the kids either play outside their homes or stay inside to read. I speak from experience. When I was a kid, I would raid my grandma’s library and read the novels there. I love Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, the classics, Shakespeare and Archie. I remember wishing for grandma to give me all her books. I came from a middle class family where traveling to foreign countries or to Visayas and Mindanao was not the tradition during summer and holidays. We usually stay home and I would either go play with my cousins or read. I loved (still do) reading more than the former. I might not have physically traveled to foreign countries but because of the books that I read, I got to know different states in America, Italy, England, several Asian countries and more.

Susan Ople is telling her readers to read to kids. I believe that kids are missing so much when they opt to play internet games instead of rubbing elbows with The Little Prince. They should at least get to read the classics. Do they even know Rumpelstiltskin? I remember asking a cousin of mine if he knows Shakespeare, or even Archie, and was disappointed because he doesn’t read comics at all. But when you ask him what Ragnarok and other online games are, well, he is the expert. My brother at least knows some of the classics, have been an Archie fan and have read Hardy Boys. But like other kids of his generation, he’s more into games and anime. Which is really sad, if you think about it.

Do you read to your kids? Do you even read books yourself? If you don’t, take the time to read. It will change your perspective of life. It will give your day a new meaning. It will make a difference in your kid’s life, and in yours.

*Originally posted on July 6, 2008

Weekend plans

I don’t intend to go out this weekend. I just want to be able to relax and read. Been reading regularly again. I bought the 3 Twilight books (Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse) even though I already read the books through my ebook reader. I also bought a Julia Quinn book, a Reader’s Digest special edition, 4 interesting books that will hopefully bring my muse back hehe and a cute little notepad 🙂

That will surely keep me busy this whole weekend. How about you? Going out or doing something special this weekend?

Whatever, here’s hoping a great weekend for everyone! 🙂

Busy, busy, busy

Been out of the house everyday, running errands mostly. Been so busy catching up with a lot of things. If you will notice, I go online for a few hours only. Barely have enough time to bloghop to everyone’s site. But I will do my rounds this evening. Will be offline for 4 days…

My sisters and I will be going to Baguio tomorrow until Tuesday evening. My bestfriend will be getting married by Monday, February 18th. We will also be touring the city again and hopefully will bump into Pam before we go back to Manila.

I will probably just schedule a Weekend Snapshot entry as well as another entry about interim posts.

So expect a lot less of me until I come back to blogging on Wednesday 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!

P.S. Thank you for the tags and awards! I am a bit slow picking everything up but know that I truly appreciate all of it.

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