Display Stands for Exhibitions, Trade Show and Events

If you are planning to attend a trade show, there are many important considerations that you will need to take into account. Amongst these is how you plan to advertise your organisation, business or group. Floor space is limited, and the most effective displays are those that command attention and inspire a closer look.

With that in mind, the most effective trade show displays employ highly effective copy and bold images to achieve their desired result. They also make powerful use of as much vertical space as possible. This is an essential measure when space comes at a premium. With that in mind, there are several different types of display formats that are particularly well-suited to this environment. We’ll go over a few of them below:

✓ Portable Displays
Also called pop up display stands, or even pull up displays, these feature a graphic design on a flexible panel – typically made from fabric or a synthetic material – which is coiled on a spring-loaded roller. This roller is then mounted on a stand and deployed.

The entire display winds up into a compact roll, and the stand is easily collapsed. This makes it highly compact and portable – particularly useful when you have limited transport space. Once you arrive at the expo, conference or trade show, deploying a surprisingly large, bold and colourful display only takes a few moments.

✓ Table Covers
If your exhibition or conference space includes a table, then a branded table cover with a marketing message can be highly effective. It also makes excellent use of vertical space, as the existing table is almost certainly going to have a cover draped over it in the first place. By ordering a custom, printed table cover, you’re ensuring that this space is not wasted. You can then focus on how you can further make the most of your time in trade shows for your business.

✓ Banner Stands
These displays consist of a single graphic panel that is supported by a standing frame. The panel is freestanding, which makes it lightweight and highly portable. Some of them also have retractable panels similar to portable displays. Others may be equipped with detachable graphics or even lights to enhance the effect.

✓ Table-Top Displays
These are a more straightforward type of display, consisting of a collapsible frame and one or more graphic panels. The panel attaches to the frame (usually with magnets or Velcro) so the display can be easily deployed right on top of the table. When it comes to exhibitions and trade shows, it’s common for at least one table to be provided with the rented space, so displays of this type are easily set in place.

Regardless of which display systems you choose to deploy at your next conference, trade show or exhibition, be sure to shop around for the best provider. Ideally, you’ll want to work with an agency that has versatile formats and printing options, ensuring that your final display is eye-catching and well-suited for the space that you have to work with. Accomplish that, and you’ll be sure to spark plenty of interest at your next event.

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