Why Aren’t Your Work Team Working Together?

When you started out in the business world, you didn’t have to worry about anyone but yourself. The workdays were gruelling and the hours were long. But, you had the peace of knowing that everything fell to you. You didn’t have to worry about fitting around anyone else or delegating tasks. You had it all in hand.

Of course, you still started hiring as soon as you could. You’re only human. It’s not possible to keep up that workload for an indefinite amount of time. Having help on board is all you dreamt of for those long and hard months. And, there’s no denying that a team can enhance your business and make your life a lot easier.

There’s just one issue; you now have to consider what they’re doing, too. And, that brings stresses of its own, especially if all is not well in your workplace dynamic. Sadly, that’s often the case. It should come as no surprise when you think about it. At few other times are we placed within a ready-made group and expected to work together. It’s a difficult dynamic, and in-team disagreements can cause untold problems within a workplace.

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But, as the boss, you need to make sure that doesn’t happen. Lucky for you, we’re here to look at how.

Make efforts to build a team

As we’ve already mentioned, workplaces are unique in that they’re one of the only times we’re placed in teams and told to get along. But, people come from different walks of life and can have varying opinions. To place a team together and expect them to work well would be foolhardy. Instead, you need to make efforts to create that team, rather than assuming it will establish itself. How you do this is up to you. Some bosses focus on team exercises within the office, while others look into options like a murder mystery weekend or an escape room. Here, your team will have to work together to solve problems in fun settings. What could be better for bonding?

Get to the bottom of disagreements

You’re a boss, not a counsellor. As such, you may take a no-messing approach to colleague disagreements. But, if you brush over these issue, they bubble under the surface. If you aren’t careful, that could have long-lasting implications. Instead, air these issues in a safe environment. If you notice rumblings within your workforce, call the people in question to your office. Once there, give everyone a chance to speak. Together, you can address issues and move forward in a positive light.

Be clear about your objectives

No amount of team bonding is going to change the fact your colleagues will have varying approaches. And, if these are too opposed, working together on any task could get difficult. To help stop in-work arguments, be clear on your objectives when you pass down an assignment. Attempt to at least guide the direction your team takes. You’d be amazed how many arguments this small step can stop.

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