Life Tested Tips in Building a Bond with Your Parents

Parental bond is a strong emotional connection that lasts through our lifetime, however, as we get older, many of us either drift apart become or closer with our moms and dads. Getting close with your parents will make you appreciate them in a whole new light.

Of course, this takes time, especially if your current relationship with them isn’t the best to start with but with a little patience and some tips below, you can become friends with your parents.

How to work past through negativity. Many of us have experienced issues with our parents when we’re still young, it tends to scar us, but it’s still possible to put it past behind so we can be free and forgive our parents.

Forgiveness is a crucial factor here, because without it your issues will manifest itself in the present day as anger hurts. If your parents have changed and the problems of the past become history, put your trust in the fact that your past is a different time, and the issues are now behind you.

Sometimes the problem is so severe that some parents will even unjustly disinherit their children, in which case you need to know your options and the process of contesting a will. It always pays to be prepared for any possibility.

Discuss the issue with your parents so they can explain their circumstances and apologize for the hurt it caused you. Be gentle as you bring up your feelings, and seek out counseling to help you deal better, especially if things do not go well.

Find shared interests with your parents. So you already have a good relationship with your folks, congratulations! Sometimes children and parents naturally become friends as children get older and begin to mature and experience the same life choices like marriage and children.

On the other hand, some parents and their children haven’t had a change to bond as adults. This could be due to different interests and hobbies or they just never approach their relationship from the standpoint of friendship.

How to find common interests that work best for you:

  • Concentrate on hobbies that both of you enjoy. Find a middle ground. If you love running, while the other is an avid couch potato, you could go for walks together on park or watch movie in a nearby cinema instead.
  • As much as possible, avoid giving too much attention to the differences between you. Turn the focus off of discussions on religion, politics, and other life choices if both of you have differing opinions. There will be things where both of you will disagree on, and that’s fine.
  • Never try to change each other. The point of being friends is accepting the other person’s personality, not changing it to fit yours.

Maintain a positive friendship with your parents. Remember, becoming friends with your parents should not be a forced venture. Begin with positive thinking. If you’re uncertain how to being, start by expressing your interest in a friendship with them. Trust me, it will make them feel good.

Personally, being friends with my mom and dad is one of the most wonderful decisions I made. It helped me appreciate them more as well as channel the respect I had for them to other people in my life.

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