Could You Become Accustomed To A Custom Home?

Like more big things in our life, we have an imaginary perfect home. Every detail right down to the shape of the door handles, we’ve thought about incessantly. Alas, 99% of our dream home is custom. You couldn’t find it anywhere else, except in your mind. Well, if you have money and willpower, you can create a custom home. Be warned, however, once you see how incredible your home begins to look and you feel the new attitude it takes on, you will want to have more of it. You will yearn to become accustomed to a customized home because it’s your soul that you’re living in. That’s what a perfect home is all about, living in a cocoon of your own desires.

The wonders of light

Before you begin to change large parts of your home, adhere to the wonders of light. A well-lit home brings to life corners that were previously dead, shaded areas that were melancholy and nooks that were neglected. When you enter the home, the first thing you’ll notice are the stairs, foyer, hallway and the lighting. Consider placing LED lights in the wall beside each step, so the staircase is lit up by itself. It becomes an entity on its own. Taking a few bricks out of the wall and placing a candle dome inside the gap, would spray the light of a flickering flame on your foyer and hallway. For each room, buy a side table, on which you will place LED lamps of different styles. The oriental, Persian, Victorian and oil lamp styles speak of timeless elegance.

A whole abode

Do you crave more sunlight in your home? Frame windows are large panels of glass that exist in strategic locations. Nothing obstructs them, allowing for the maximum amount of natural light to run rampant throughout your home. Select the custom-shaped Factory Direct Windows from Advanced Window Products so you can draw your own windows and have them come to life. They’re a specialist company and windows are their bread and butter. Don’t be shy, contact them with your wild ideas and they will work with you to make them a reality. Taking a look around your home, they’ll also inform you of the best places to add your new frame windows. If you would like to have them for 10 or more windows, they have a replacement window scheme, whereby you make no payments and incur no interest for 24-months and get $1,200 knocked off the total cost. Design away!

A brave statement

The sofa is the central item of any home regarding style. It’s the focal point of conversations when you’re hanging out with friends, sitting downstairs watching programs or browsing the web. There are many companies whose services of custom sofa creation you should seek to utilize. Designing your own sofa would be a brave statement but it’s one that allows you to begin your journey on creating a fully custom home.

Who doesn’t want to live in a custom home? Everything you see and touch has been born out of your genius. Start off with fantastic lighting options and begin sketching your personal sofa design.

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