Opening Your Frozen Yogurt Business

The frozen yogurt industry is one that is growing every year. More people are looking for a healthy alternative to desserts, and frozen yogurt is a product that gives the satisfaction of a sweet treat without the higher calories that are seen in ice cream, cakes and cookies. You can add slices of fresh fruit and other items to the yogurt to give you the flavors that you desire. Owning a frozen yogurt store is a fun way to sell the product while interacting with customers. It’s best to contact a frozen yogurt supplier to find out exactly what is needed in the store to keep the product cold and to get a few tips on the flavors that sell best at various times of the year.

Do a little research about the customer base before you open your store. This will help to determine the kind of products that you should sell and what people are looking for in a frozen yogurt shop. Surveys are a good way to find out what flavors people might like and to see what decorations and amenities that they might like to see when they enter the store. You want to talk to people from all backgrounds to see what they think about frozen yogurt so that you can cater to the target area of customers who will buy the most from your store. Think about the income levels of the people who live in the community. You don’t want to set the prices so high that customers can’t afford them, but if you know that customers can spend a little more money, then you might want to consider a slight increase in order to make a profit.

Look at the competition in the area. How many stores are similar to yours, and do those stores sell anything in addition to frozen yogurt? Before opening your store, you need to make sure all of the paperwork has been submitted to the county and the state and that you have followed all of the regulations that are set forth by the health department so that you aren’t breaking any rules with the business.

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