Never Too Old for Fun: The Best Apps for Middle Aged People

With the phrase ‘middle aged’ meaning different things to almost everyone, it can be difficult to pinpoint an exact age in which being ‘middle aged’ is supposed to start. With recent studies showing that the majority of us see middle age starting at around 55, this completely contradicts previous research that suggested the start of middle age to be at 36.

But regardless of when you perceive middle age to start, there are certain stereotypes that are generally always associated with this age group. From being health-obsessed to not liking change, the stereotypes of middle-aged people are often more negative than positive. But recently, they’ve been seriously challenged with new research suggesting middle aged people are even more tech-obsessed than the younger generation! So, if you see yourself falling into this ‘tech-obsessed’ middle aged category and want to freshen up your smartphone’s selection of apps, here are some of today’s best options specifically targeted towards people of your age.


We all love a discount but, when it comes to restaurant and excursion vouchers, the hassle of printing them can be enough to put people off altogether. But, with Vouchercloud, you’re able to quickly download a huge array of vouchers straight to your smartphone, allowing you to simply show your phone screen with the voucher displayed when it’s time to redeem it.

From restaurants to garden centers to day-trips, Vouchercloud adds new discounts every single day so it’s worthwhile to regularly check. But, before downloading a voucher for a day trip, make sure to check the weather first as no day trip is as fun in the rain! Take a look at this link to discover a weather app that’s both accurate and user-friendly.


There’s no denying that, as we get older, we’re more prone to illness. WebMD offers an innovative symptom checker app that enables you to input virtually any symptom you have and learn more about what it could mean.

Also offering detailed first aid information and a list of important medical terms you might need to know in the future, WebMD is certainly worth a download!


Along with illness often comes medication and our memories may not be quite what they used to be as we increase in years. But luckily Pillboxie does all the remembering for you, ensuring you never miss a pill again!

Simple to use and extremely effective, all you have to do is set it up with your medications and the times at which you should take them and voila! You’ll have created your very own pill-taking alarm system that will remind you every single time a dose is due.

Just because you’re middle aged, it doesn’t mean you can’t be tech-savvy. Simply owning a smartphone is probably enough to impress the younger generation and, with the above apps downloaded and ready to use at the click of a button, you’re sure to put all the unnecessary stereotypes to rest and enjoy having fun!

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