Waking Up Without Any Aches And Pains, That’s The Dream


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How amazing would it be if we could gently wake up from a wonderful dream and leap out of bed fizzing with more energy than a can of Red Bull? Just imagine it, being able to take on the day from minute one without any aches and pains to stop you. Unfortunately, that scenario was probably closer to the wonderful dream you woke up from than it is your reality. We know this because you aren’t alone. Loads of women wake up feeling a tad stiff or cramped and anything but fighting fit really. That doesn’t mean you can’t make an ache-free morning your everyday reality.

Read on to see out top tips and tricks on how to be spritely from the moment you first peel back your duvet:

Welcome The Darkness
Some people just have it all, including the ability to fall asleep in a lightbox brighter than the sun. But only a few people have this ability, so don’t feel hard done by if you’re not one of them. All you have to do is make sure your room is as dark as you can make it. This means getting a blackout blind, maybe even a sleep mask, while also getting rid of any alarm clocks or battery lights that may be peeking through the black.

Phone Free Zone
The worst thing for sleep is blue light and stimulation, both of which your phone offers by the bucket load. So why not make your bedroom a phone free zone or, better yet, go screen free for the hour before bed. Actually, why not do both? Unfortunately, the hardest thing to resist in the whole wide world is temptation, so it may be you have to remove that from the equation by leaving your phone to charge in the kitchen overnight. Voila. Temptation has gone.

More Comfortable Sleep
Everyone has a preferred sleeping position. Fetal, log, starfish, yearner, there are loads, and it is important that you find your preferred position in order to sleep better. According to a survey by British hotel chain, Premier Inn, that may not be enough, though. That’s why they came up with a list of ways each sleeping position can be improved to max out comfort, while simultaneously easing any aches and pains.

Pre-Bed Yoga
Finding deep sleep is all about being relaxed, which is where a spot of yoga could be the wildcard you were looking for. You’ve done the no phone thing, you have blacked out your room and learned all about your sleeping position, now all you need to do is get in the right frame of mind. That’s what yoga does, it makes you relaxed and happiness. After all, happiness is a choice. But it’s not just a mental relaxation you’ll get. Yoga will also help you minimise any pains you may be bearing from whatever day you’ve had, and dealing with this night before is a great way to wake up spritely.

Perfect Temperature
The other thing that can steal from a good night’s sleep, and thus steal away from a good recovery, is getting the temperature wrong. Too hot or too cold and you’ll keep waking up, and that isn’t the kind of broken sleep your body is yearning for. That’s why it is recommended that you try and keep your room between 65 and 68 degrees. That’s what the experts say.

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