Pursuing a dream.

When I was younger, I remember my mother would bring me to this old university where she studied. She would tell me stories of when she was studying there, how great the university was, how prestigious it still was (until now, actually), and how happy she would be if I manage to study there like her. She would tell me over and over that I needed to study there to graduate with Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, the course she wanted to take but had to give up because she got pregnant with me.


If you think about it, my mother brainwashed me into going to a university to take up a course I never really knew anything about. But I didn’t know any better then so I followed what my mother ordered me to do, and anything to make her happy was a priority to me. Truth is, I enjoyed my university days. I made friends and I enjoyed the classes. Yes, the course was no walk in the park. It was so hard! Not to mention that after four years of studying really hard to pass and graduate, I had to study some more to take the board examinations for certified public accountants.

I managed to land a good-paying job after a few months of stint in an accounting firm. I guess my mother knew what she was talking about when she told me that a CPA earns more than other kinds of office jobs. I learned so much not just on accounting functions but also in taxation, audit, and other branches of accountancy I only heard from my professors. It was a stressful and rewarding at the same time.

But there has always been this dream I have since I was a teenager. And it’s to become a romance novelist.

I remember the look on my best friend’s face when I told him that I wanted to write. I also remember telling my close girl friends about not dreaming of getting to the top of the corporate ladder. It was not, and still is, in my heart and mind to become a corporate executive. I never really wanted to become a chief finance officer, or a finance director, or similar position in a company. I never liked the stress that comes with being a high-ranking officer. I remember being a senior manager in a business process outsourcing company (BPO). I didn’t last. I lasted a couple of months and quit. I chose to become a simple accountant of another BPO but I also quit that job after a few months.

You know what I did when I temporarily quit the corporate world about nine years ago?

I became a writer. And a full-time blogger.

I blogged. I wrote articles for advertisers. And I also wrote romance novels.

I stayed away from the corporate world for about eight years and those were the happiest years of my career!

Unfortunately, I had to go back to the corporate world when blogging went downhill for me. It was my main source of income during those years so when I stopped earning as much as from it, I reluctantly went back to being an accountant. I remember trying to stall my comeback. Three years. It took me that much time to convince myself that I had to go back. And I did.

I am still working as an accountant for a small company. I am happy being a finance manager, doing all the functions of an accountant. No biggie! I am also still pursuing my love for writing. I write on weekends. Or when I have enough time to form a thought.

I am both an accountant and writer. And I love it!

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