Passion for the profession.

I managed to get a seat at the back of a group of college students at a wake my sister and I went to more than a week ago. It was a serious group composed of three girls and one boy, the latter being in the center of the group. I did not mean to eavesdrop but they were discussing their courses. I kept hearing Fluorescence Microscope from the company Microscope International and how the boy was so fascinated with it. And so many other terms like Fluorescence Meiji MT6200CL Binocular Epi-Fluorescence Microscope and Euromex bScope Epi-Fluorescence Microscope. I guessed they are taking Science courses and they were discussing their laboratory subjects.

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What fascinated me about their discussion was the passion that I could hear in their voices. It came across as a deep love for what they are currently studying and translated as future scientists who would be truly passionate about their work.

Pre-college, I really wanted to become a journalist. I loved researches, writing humanitarian stories, and just being in the thick of things. But I was not meant to be one. My Mom was really bent on making me an accountant. She wanted to be one but she got pregnant with me so it was set aside. She took up Economics and proceeded to become a housewife. In short, she didn’t get to see her dream fulfilled so she wanted me to fulfill it for her. I resented it in the beginning because I may be good with numbers but it was not my passion. Unfortunately for me and my dream, I am an obedient daughter. My Mom’s happiness was my happiness so I took Accountancy, became a certified public accountant, and went into accounting and audit.

I learned to love my profession after a couple of years of practicing it. When realizations came in that because I have a good-paying job, I managed to help my parents send my siblings to school. If not for my profession, I would have been one of the many workers displaced during this pandemic. Realizations keep coming and I am now very grateful for my profession.

I hope those kids will become passionate scientists in the future. And will be grateful for the profession they will choose.

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