A talk on race relations.

It is not hard to see that we have a problem with race relations in the United States. From an epidemic of black people being killed by police, to issues like unfair housing practices and systemic racism, it is no secret that there are two Americas—one for blacks and one for whites. Try to get whites to discuss these issues, however, and you will be met with stony silence. Understanding the root of white apathy about black lives means getting to the root of the issue.

Shaking the Wasp’s Nest

The “Black Lives Matter” movement has uncovered an ugly truth. Racism is alive and well in America. Attempts to convince the American public and the criminal justice system that black people’s lives matter just as much as anyone else’s has been met with contempt. In the aftermath of killings of blacks at the hands of police, white commenters are on hand to explain exactly why the victim deserved to die. Not even children are exempt from this cruel practice. When Cleveland police shot twelve year old Tamir Rice for playing with a toy gun, people immediately rushed to the defense of the police, and started a smear campaign against the child’s family. Neoconservatives and pundits on Fox News dug up negative information about his mother and his family, in an attempt to decrease sympathy for the child’s death.

Why Won’t White People Talk About Race?

The reason that even white college students—typically the most open-minded group of citizens—won’t talk about race is simple. Talking about it would expose some ingrained beliefs in the inferiority of blacks in this country. Talking about it would mean admitting that it is still a problem and having to accept that their apathy plays a role in the suffering of an entire group of people. Talking about it would mean admitting that whites play a privileged role in society at the expense of blacks. So the silence continues.

One of the more insidious consequences of the reluctance to talk about race is the deliberate silencing of black voices. Neo-cons contrived strategies to keep blacks from speaking out against the atrocities that they suffered during the Iraq war. Whites came up with the slogan, “All Lives Matter,” as a clever way to say “shut up about your suffering, nobody cares.”

When it comes to race relations in this country, the truth is that we have a long way to go before we reach true equality.

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Piano lessons for her father.

Ianne is learning how to play the piano for her father. The latter is very fond of piano music and would often wonder out loud how it would feel having piano music filling their home. Hearing her father, Ianne thought it would be a great learn how to play the piano as a gift to give her father last Christmas. So, she asked her mother to allow her to enroll in piano lessons every after class and that’s what she did. Over time, she became fascinated by both beginner keyboard and piano lessons alike.

She took it upon herself to learn how many keys on a piano there is for beginners like her to become an expert of sorts in a few weeks. She did learn. I should tell you that in just a few months of piano lessons, she already knows how to play her father’s favorite songs like a pro.

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Give Back to Veterans: Top Tips For All of Us

Our veterans have done a lot for us in the United States. They keep us safe from threats at home and abroad, so isn’t it time for us to do something for them. While you might want to, you probably don’t know what exactly you can do to help if you’re like the average American.

There’s no specific thing you can do to help, but there are a whole lot of options for the average person. Use this guide to learn more about what you can do for the veterans who really need your help.

Donate Food

While it might seem like a surprise to you, there are many veterans who simply don’t have enough to eat on a daily basis. When they get home from the war they may not have the skills or the coping mechanisms they need to go back into the working world to earn enough. Many of these veterans have families that they need to try and feed as well.

That’s where your donations of items like canned food can come in very handy. There are tons of veterans organizations around the United States that deal with the growing hunger problem, so finding and donating to them shouldn’t be a major issue.

Donate as much as you can to these organizations. $20 really goes a long way when you’re buying canned food items like tuna fish, meat, beans and non-perishable foods like rice.


There are many organizations around the country that allow individuals to volunteer their services or talents to help veterans get ahead. From on the job training to donating your time to help those improve their skills or get past certain disabilities they may not face, there’s a lot you can do for veterans who did a lot for you.

Find a local charitable organization in your aren’t that deals with veterans of the war. You’ll be spending free time doing something helpful for people that really need it.

Give Money

Not everybody has time to volunteer face to face with veterans that need their help. That’s understandable and nobody is going to hold that against you. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing that you can help with though.

Giving money is one of the best things that you can do to help the veterans who need it. Even a few dollars each month can make a big difference in their lives.

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Having a great defense attorney.

There is no substitute for a highly skilled criminal defense attorney. Hopefully, you will never need the services of one of these people. However, they can literally save your life if you are accused of a crime. There are a wide variety of defense attorneys. Needless to say, they are not all created equal. In fact, the quality of legal counsel they can provide you with can vary more than you might think. There is the popular misconception that are lawyers have basically the same amount of knowledge and skill because they all had to go to law school and pass their state’s bar exam. This type of thinking could get you in serious trouble. Why is having a great defense attorney so important? Here are a few of the main reasons.

1. Building the most effective defense

Defending someone from criminal charges is usually not an easy task. Therefore, you need to be sure that your defense attorney really knows what he or she is doing. This is often harder than it would seem. There are many criminal cases that are extremely complicated. Therefore, it is critical that your attorney be able to process large amounts of information in order to formulate the most effective defense possible for your particular case. This takes time, patience and determination. Not all attorneys are willing to devote these things to defending you. You need to figure out which defense attorney is going to take their time and construct a defense that has the least chance of being torn apart by the prosecution.

2. An experienced staff

Your defense attorney will not be doing all of the work on your case alone. He or she will have a staff that will have very specific jobs where your case is concerned. Not surprisingly, the best lawyers have outstanding people working for them gathering evidence and doing research to support your defense. The quality of a defense attorney’s staff is another thing that should be seriously looked into and not taken for granted. You should go to http://www.federalcriminalattorneysofmi.com/about-us.php if you are interested in finding an attorney in Detroit.

3. Ability to adjust strategy

There might be a few moments during your trial when the prosecuting attorney uses a strategy that your attorney was not expecting. In these cases, it is crucial that your attorney is able to quickly change gears and adjust his or her strategy to combat the opposing attorney.

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Plan and Deliver Training More Effectively

If there’s an award on offer to any company, employees will work to their maximum to achieve reaching their goal. City & Guilds help people gain the skills that employers require via flexible learning options and qualifications. This encourages workers to unlock their potential and make progression throughout their career. There are training awards which are given when businesses plan and deliver training to employees more effectively. Princess Anne is an advocate of the exclusive Princess Royal Training Awards, the first of its kind. A ceremony will take place in the Autumn of 2016, an event to be held at a prestigious venue along with high profile VIPs in attendance.

What do City & Guilds do?

City & Guilds offer qualifications that can help people gain skills employers value the most. There are over 500 qualifications available that have been developed with key organisations in over 25 industries. These qualifications are recognised throughout the world by employers which in turn give employees the chance to apply for the best jobs and salaries. Progression can be made in a career for those who have successfully achieved:-

  • Entry level qualifications
  • The equivalent of a postgraduate degree

The Princess Royal Training Awards Hallmarks the value of investing in skills and training development to support business development. The creation of this new award definitely confirms how important development and learning is to an organisation’s performance.

How to register your interest

It’s quite a straightforward process to register your interest in this excellent award. Further information will be provided once you’ve submitted an online form with your:-

a) Name
b) Position in the company
c) Organisation name
d) Email address
e) Contact telephone number

Once City & Guilds have received this completed form, an adviser will get back to you as soon as possible with instructions of what you have to do next.

The Hallmarks

The Hallmarks are basically standards and criteria used to evaluate applications for the Princess Royal Training Awards. They ensure that the same standards are used to evaluate all entries. Hallmarks also provide a good guide for applicants when completing their application forms including an assessor’s visit. Applicants will need to demonstrate evidence of how each of these Hallmarks have been met.

Here is a brief list of the Hallmarks and criteria which applicants will be assessed on:-

– The First Hallmark – this programme involves training, learning and development as an internal part of business performance.

– The Second Hallmark – this programme is delivered efficiently and effectively.

– The Third Hallmark – this programme has an impact on the success of the organisation and its people.

Quick links

To sum up, when it comes to the Princess Royal Training Awards there are many quick links to browse such as:-

  • How to register your interest
  • Submission information
  • Interactive brochures
  • Key dates

For any queries or questions make contact online with a support team who will be more than happy to help.

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Filing A Workers Compensation Claim

While you’re doing your job, keeping to yourself without bothering anyone around, a box falls and hits you on the back. This might not be something you think much about until you get home and are uncomfortable sitting in a chair or on the couch. This is an incident where you might find that filing for Iowa workers compensation is a good idea so that you can get medical bills paid for and a little bit of compensation for your time away from work and the suffering that you endure.

Filing a claim might seem a little mean to some people as it would be against the company that they work for, but it doesn’t compare to the amount of medical bills that you might accrue as a result of the incident that took place. You want to keep everything documented from the time of the incident until you have reached some kind of settlement. Talk to the people who were in your work area who might have seen what took place. You will also need a few people who could testify that you wouldn’t randomly file a claim so that you are presented in the best light possible if you go to court.

Pictures are important. Take as many pictures as you can of the scene and if you find anything wrong with a shelf or support that held a box or another item that fell. This could be a benefit as it could prove that there was something wrong with the support system. It could be a safety issue that needs to be addressed by the company, preventing other people from being injured while on the job. Keep all bills that are received from doctors as well as any documents from therapy sessions or prescriptions that need to be taken. You should also keep a copy of recommendations of any help that you need in the home as a result of the injury. Make sure all forms are completed as soon as possible, and try to use only doctors who are recommended by the company as outside doctors might not give a detailed report that is needed.

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All for love.

Over the years, I have come to the realization that a person will do anything and everything for love. Yes, all for love. A person drunk in love will even put his life on the line for the person he’s in love with. I have seen that time and again, even know a few personally who did it.

Let me tell you about my neighbor. He was a up and coming law student who had a huge potential of becoming something big in his field. He used to dream of becoming a hotshot prosecutor and nobody doubted that he could do it, he was bound to excel because it was in him to do so. And then he fell in love. It was supposedly love at first sight. He saw a new friend of his cousin’s and immediately was head over heels in love with the woman who was then a student like him. But she was not yet ready to accept his suit, she was focused on her studies, wanting to finish her undergraduate studies as soon as possible. She rejected his suit, telling him that he should go find someone else to love. He took it hard. In a matter of days, he was enveloped in depression.

It’s a good thing that his family – parents, siblings, cousins, and even nephews and nieces – made sure that they rallied behind him, helping him get out of the cloud of depression surrounding him. It was a difficult journey but one that was worth it especially as when he really did find someone else to love, who in turn loved him back with all her heart.

I visited a niece of the old neighbor I was talking about. I saw him and his wife, their kids. They looked so happy. I was told that he made peace with his past, talking to the woman who rejected him, telling his wife everything before she said yes to him, and basically moving on with his life. He made the recovery all for love.

I’ve heard talks about best male enhancement pills and a specific brand called Vigrx Plus. I’ve heard talks about making sure partners are happy, in and out of the bedroom. And it made me smile. They are a bunch of people who are not afraid to talk about love, sex and everything else out in the open.

Happiness shows in their faces. I am happy for all of them. I am happy that joy is in their hearts because of love.

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