Android versus Smart TV: Pick one!


There is an on-going battle amongst fans of android and smart TV on which one is the best. I am also wondering which one is the best for our family. Our current TV, an old traditional one, has retired so a new one is about to come join our family very soon. It is imperative that I find out which one is better to make an informed decision before I go buy one.

Smart TV

A Smart TV is any television that can connect to the internet. It is very user-friendly as it comes with pre-installed apps like Netflix, Youtube, and even Facebook so there are no more complicated set-up needed. It is basically plug and play when you buy it.

The thing with Smart TV is that when you want to connect to other apps, you might not be able to. This television is not upgradable so new apps coming out won’t play in it. If you truly want to access new apps, a new Smart TV might be needed. Will you buy a new one just because you can’t access one app or two?

Android TV

The Android TV is basically a smart TV, one that can also connect to the internet and comes with pre-installed apps when you purchase one. But with an Android TV, Google Play Store gives this television a big edge compared to the Smart TV. Just like with Android smart phones, additional apps can easily be downloaded and upgraded. A vast array of apps from the play store can be installed and easily accessed on the TV remote control. It is just like a smart phone actually. And there’s the Google Assistant, too, and the Android box.

The only disadvantage of this type of television is that if the buyer is not tech-savvy and not too familiar with Android, installation and set-up might appear complicated and confusing.

Well, there you go. Basically, if you know Android, then the latter one is for you. If you want something very simple and with no complicated upgrading or installation, the former one is best.

As for me and my family, our pick is the Android TV. Adults in the family are familiar with Android as we all have that type of smart phones. And good thing we have a go-to repair man. The benefits of hiring a same-day appliance repair expert is something that all of us need to know. It comes handy especially if you have people relying on specific appliances at home. In our family, aside from TV, two of my sisters rely on the oven for their side hustle.

So, what’s your pick?

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Income from creating content.

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Content creator. Have you heard of it? These are individuals who think and formulate ways to come up with something they can share online. They help spread awareness of causes. They also make sure brands become household names and go-to choices of everyone in their target market. Creating content has become a career nowadays. A lot of the popular ones even resigned from their nine to fives just so they can concentrate on creating content for their videos and podcasts. Nothing wrong with being a vlogger or podcaster, or whatever else you call those other content creators out there. If being one can create a positive impact on society especially on the youth, then go ahead and create more of whatever content you have!

A former sous chef in a five-star hotel lost his job when the pandemic hit the world. With no job and no clear prospects at the moment, he decided to just chill at home, repair and maintain the house, here and there. He was researching about ceiling smoothing one day when he chanced upon a cooking video. The guy on the video was boring, according to him. While watching the video, his mom called him and since he didn’t want to be disturbed, a funny argument ensued. That was the time the idea of creating content came to him.

I’ve been following the ex-sous chef’s Youtube cooking videos for some time now. It is funny and informational and the dishes are simple and easy to follow. The last time I checked, he now has hundred thousands of followers and has been getting endorsement offers from different brands. What used to be just a way to pass time has now become his bread and butter. His mom is even in most of his videos, providing comic relief to his cooking.

There is income in creating vlogs. I’ve been reading and hearing how big one can get from it especially with thousands and millions of subscribers in streaming platforms online. My sister told me last night that a girl who has been in the news lately for being cheated on by her partner is earning close to a hundred grand in US dollars every month. Yes, every month! My friends and I have been joking that we should start creating content as well if it will bring us that much money. But we don’t really have a knack for being in front of the camera so we’ll see.

What do you think of content creators and influencers? Would you like to be one, too?

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Learn a new skill.

This person is neck-deep in debt. He accumulated debts from school, house, car, and a number of purchases for personal use and consumption. He forgot to budget his salary. Most of the time, he spends more than what he earns. Most of the time, he spends money that isn’t even there yet, he hasn’t earned yet. Now, he is neck-deep in debts and he knows that it is a very long journey before he can pay off all of it.

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For those in a similar predicament as that person, I have two suggestions to get out of debt.

Budget your money. I was neck-deep in debt, too. I know how it feels to be scared of every call you get because you know it is from a collection agency. I also know the feeling of getting demand letters, left and right. Good thing I was able to get out of the well of debts I was drowning in. I learned to budget my money. It was not an easy process. I read, asked around, watched lessons. Then, I applied what I know of budgeting and spreadsheets.

It was a slow process, that much I can truthfully say. Most especially if the debt we’re talking about is high up there. There is a way out, though. Patience, self-discipline, strong will. You can’t budget your money and not follow what you set out to save or spend. You can’t keep using your credit card if you know your bills will pile up and you will be even deeper in debt by the end of the month. As I said, it is not easy. There are so many considerations and sacrifices you need to make.

I’ve been there and I don’t want to go back to that situation ever again.

Budget, budget, budget.

Learn a new skill. There are so many skills that you can learn easily. You don’t need to go to school or any learning center for it. You can search online, watch tutorials, read about the skill. When you think you know enough, apply somewhere you can apply it and where you can learn more about it. Max Appliance Repair trained experienced technicians started as amateurs. Right? Technicians learn their craft and work so they can become experts at their job.

Learn a skill, work to earn from it. That’s my suggestion. And whatever you earn from your side hustle, use it to pay off your debts faster.

I self-studied website development. I asked help from IT guys at work. They were gracious enough to teach me the basics and, later on, correct me when I was already practicing what I learned.

You can find so many new skills online. Make sure you really want to learn that skill so you can enjoy in the process.

There are so many ways to get out of debt. Again, it is not an easy process but it is doable.

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Slowing the aging process.

I am turning 44 in a few weeks. Nothing to be sad about. In fact, I am grateful for every year of my life. Growing old is a blessing, not everyone experiences being old. Most people die young. My parents did. My younger brother died when he was 15. So, you can only imagine how happy I am that I get to spend more time with the people I love. My daily prayer is that I get to see my grandchildren with my two nephews.

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I think I know what you are thinking next. If I want to live longer, I should start taking care of myself more than what I am doing now. I actually am. Right now, I am trying my best to slow my aging especially on my skin. Well, I have three ways on how to slow the aging process the natural way.

1. Stop smoking, drink less alcohol.

I think we all know the side effects of smoking and drinking alcohol. Damage to the lungs and liver, not to mention how it wreaks havoc to the whole body over the years of continued consumption and use. I know most of you would react to this number one way of slowing the aging process because a number of you are smokers and drinkers. But let me say something as a reminder: do it in moderation. Smoking, if it can be totally eliminated from your system, the better. Drinking, well, a glass a day won’t do anyone harm. We have an old lady neighbor who swore to my dad that the secret to her long life was drinking one bottle of beer a day. She told my dad that she would drink one cold bottle of beer every night before going to bed. It might be true because she lived to almost a hundred years.

2. Take extra care of your skin.

Avoid direct sunlight. Don’t over-tan your skin. Make sure to remove your make-up before going to bed. And clean your face with soap and water only as much as possible. Go to the dermatologist if you have a skin blemish, pimple or skin tag. Get a facial regularly. It also doesn’t hurt to try a new skin treatment from time to time, like microneedling. Everything you need to know about microneedling can be researched online, of course. Procedures that can help your skin look better are totally okay to try. Again, everything in moderation.

3. Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

One of the things that I tell those close to me when it comes to eating healthy is to not be swayed by the current diet fad. Not every diet that worked on others will work for you. It is still better to consult a doctor before going on a diet to make sure that you are not harming yourself more than getting healthy in the process. If you don’t want to consult a doctor, you know the best advice there is: eat in moderation.

Let’s make sure to beat the mortality rate and grow older than our elders.

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A home away from home.

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One of my immediate plans before I turn fifty is to have a home away from home for the whole family. A lake house. Wouldn’t that be great?! Just imagining it brings an extraordinary calm in my being. I know that one way or another I will bring this plan to fruition as a way to commemorate my parents’ memories. They would have been so happy to have a lake house to call their own.

Fiberglass boat parts manufactured by BLG reminded me of our family’s life-long dream of having a home away from home, one that we can actually call our own and not one that we’re only renting out for a period of time. A very good friend of mine and her husband were lucky enough to secure ownership of a retiring couple’s lake house. It was a matter of being at the right place at the right time for my friend and her husband. They were not looking for a lake house but a rental. When the couple offered them their lake house, they immediately took the offer. The rest, as they say, is history. Now, they also have a boat, a good lot surrounding their house, and an all-year-round rotating list of visitors, family and friends alike.

In the past, all I wanted was a small hut surrounded by lush greenery. Off the grid. Not necessarily near a body of water but that would be good, too. Just a place to go to on weekends to slow down the pace of life for all of us city people. When my friend told me the story of their vacation house, my old dream disappeared and was replaced by the lake house. Now, being outside the house, sipping wine or drinking coffee with my sisters, and just looking out towards the lake… I can almost feel it. I can almost hear the nonstop chatter, the late-night giggling, the noise coming from my nephews playing, horsing around…

I was working almost daily when my mom was sick. I would go home late at night, would leave the house very early in the morning. I remember my mom would fight to stay awake to be able to see me come home most days. But when my mom passed away, I promised the family that I would spend more time with them, at home. I would cut down my working hours, even if it meant piling up on tasks even more. I am happy that I got to spend more time with my love ones, especially my dad before he passed away. My parents died young. It made me realize how true that life is really short. It also made me appreciate all the time I can spend with the people I love.

A home away from home is another way to spend time with my family. Soon.

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Getting the car of your choice.

My siblings and I grew up in a middle income family. My dad was an insurance company employee with a small-scale car accessories shop business on the side. Being a large family, my parents made do with what they had. We used to own a sedan where we would squeeze ourselves in to be able to move from one place to another, mostly on weekends. Those were fun times even if riding in the family car was uncomfortable for us kids.

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I remember my sisters and I discussing what vehicle we wanted to get for our family. Different car brands and models, car make and color, etc. What we agreed on was it had to be a large vehicle, big enough for all of us siblings and our parents. An SUV, automatic, diesel-powered.

When we could afford it, we exchanged the sedan for an SUV. Yes, the same one that we were dreaming of when we were kids. It took years before we finally decided that we can afford one. Two younger sisters and I are all employed, we have more than enough to pay for the down payment of an SUV, and we know for a fact that we can afford the monthly amortization of it. The confidence came largely through an easily accessible free car payment calculator online that we used to compute possible monthly amortization. I personally checked that our salaries were more than enough to pay for the vehicle of our choice. We gave the SUV to our Dad. Sadly, our Dad passed away before the pandemic. The SUV is now being used only when we have the nephews over and we would all go some place together.

My sisters and I are considering exchanging the SUV this time to an AUV. My suggestion is a Mitsubishi Xpander or a Toyota Avanza. The rising cost of fuel, difficulty in finding a parking space, and the cost of maintaining a five-year-old vehicle are all taken into consideration. We are also considering trading in our old SUV to lower the cost of getting a new car. Cost of fuel is a big consideration, the primary one actually, as it has risen to astronomical proportions. We calculated our fuel budget thru and it is a good indicator that we can still afford it. A final decision will be made this week as we are anxious to go on the road again but this time using a smaller car consuming lesser fuel.

There was a time when getting a car would require you to have three to four times the amount of salary of a minimum wage worker. It reminded me of how hard it was for my parents to get a bigger car for our family. Nowadays, with so many promotional schemes from almost all car dealers, it got easier for anyone to buy a car. My advice for first time car buyers or those getting a new or second cars, make sure you can afford it. Check the amortization and fuel budget as these are crucial financial considerations. You can easily use an online car payment calculator as I have mentioned above. If you find out you can afford, go ahead and get the car of your choice!

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Why Helping The World Helps You Too

Have ever wondered why you feel good when you help someone? Either giving a homeless person some change or donating to a charity, well it’s because that is the way you were created. Humans love helping others and seeing the joy on other people’s faces. You can help the world in many ways, you can volunteer your time to help others or you could set up a charitable fund to help those in need. Take a look below to find out what helping others can do for you.

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Makes You Feel Good

First of all, when you help people it makes you feel good. It’s as simple as that, feeling good is what we strive for. It is a similar feeling to the one you get when you eat a healthy meal and exercise rather than laying in bed all day. You feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement, and you know deep down you are giving to someone who needs it more than you.

Realize What You Have

If you venture off to a faraway land to do some volunteering then you will quickly realize that your own life isn’t so bad. Seeing how other people have to live and breathe every day can be incredibly traumatic, but it really does open your eyes. If you have ever complained about simple things such as waiting too long for a bus, then just think there are countries out there at war who don’t have access to anything.

Want To Give Back

Human beings want to give back, it’s in your DNA. If you have been in a bad place then you know how others are feeling. A bit of empathy goes a long way in helping others. If someone comes to you with a problem or you spark up a conversation with someone then listen to them, a problem shared is a problem halved. You can also set up a charity or give to a charity for example. Take Ukraine for example, there are tons of people and families out there now with nothing. Clicking on a simple link such as save Ukraine could mean the difference between a small donation and nothing at all.

Relieves Stress

Helping others is a huge stress relief, it is not often known why though. It may be due to altruism, this means that you get a sense of elation when you help someone. Your brain then realizes this is good for your body and wants you to continue doing it. It could also be due to the fact that when you are helping others, you aren’t thinking about your own problems. This means you get a break from the stress of everyday life for a bit.

Help Make A Change

When you help others or work for a worthy cause you will notice the changes that are happening. For example, if you go to work in Borneo with the Orangutans, you see the great work that you and the other volunteers have done and it gives you an incredible sense of achievement. Donating to a money pot is slightly harder to see the change but it will be happening in the background. As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. People can’t be helped and overcome their difficulties in a day either. It takes slow progress to change the world into a better place.

Meet Like-minded People

If you are going off to help others in another city, country, or continent then you will be working with others who also want to help make that change happen. Meeting others and getting to know them will also give you an insight into their lives. Everyone has a reason for going off to volunteer their services, some will have interesting tales to tell. These are people that you will probably chat to and potentially meet for the rest of your life. Doing a good thing together means you are connected in a way nobody else is.

Feel Like You Have A Purpose

Finally, when you help others you feel like you have a purpose in life. Feeling accomplished and valued as a volunteer gives you that purpose that you were craving. You don’t want to be stuck in a boring nine to five with shouty bosses and employers. If you want to be out there helping others then you can do just that. Volunteer in your spare time and help make the world a better place for everyone.

We hope you found this article insightful and it gives you lots of ways helping others can help you too.

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