Frustrated over a lot of things

I normally can’t control my frustration especially if it concerns our government. I just feel like there’s something that can be done on all the problems the country has but those in position aren’t doing anything or enough to solve any of it.

And then there are political dynasties and celebrities running for the coming 2013 national elections…

I’ve been reading the names of all the actors, actresses, and other well-known personalities who will be running in various local positions in the government. My head is aching from the absurdity of it all! Can you imagine a young man who’s only claim to fame is being the son of a well-known actor (now a senator) and actress (a local official in her province) running as a vice governor? Does he think he will just go on dance numbers, acting auditions and a photo op here and there? Sure, his parents might already know a thing or two on what he’s supposed to do but does he really know? Or will he just rely on his political ‘advisers’ to tell him what to do? I am sure the latter will be the case. I am also very disappointed with this actor who hasn’t even held any position in the government and then all of a sudden will be running for a top post in the provincial government where he’s supposed to be residing with his family now. Ha! You are all making me laugh!

I salute you people! You really have the ‘heart’ to help the citizens of this country. You could have used your star power to help the Filipinos choose their officials wisely but no you have to go and run yourselves because you all want to ‘help’.


What else can we do?!?

Move on

I don’t think we can still lambaste those freaking @!%$! for passing the law, right? We can’t even speak out against the “esteemed gentleman” who claimed he was “cyber bullied” when he failed to apologize for “merely quoting” an author (but was actually a number of bloggers, gasp!) because he made sure to include the e-libel provision in the said law.

So what else can we do?

Just contain our emotions for now. Breathe in, breathe out. Move on.

And pray to the freaking gods that we learn our lesson today… stop voting for pussies for crying out loud!

Get it?!?


Let’s all fight to have the R.A. 10175 (otherwise known as Philippine Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 or the Anti-Cybercrime Law) JUNKED, or at the very least amended! If we just let this law go into effect without fighting it, our virtual voices will be suppressed! Our government should know better.

PNOY should know better than to sign the bill into law!

Photo credit: Bernard Gatus

Traffic in the Metro Manila


I went to Thailand for an 8-day vacation last August 26th to September 2nd. My sister and I stayed in Nonthaburi first since she had to go to training for her company before we went to Bangkok.

During my stay in Thailand, the one thing I noticed was that they also experience bad traffic jams there. Just like here in Metro Manila. Cars not moving. A 15-minute ride turning into 25-30 minutes. But you know the difference of their traffic jams versus the ones we experience here in Metro Manila? The Thai people don’t need traffic enforcers to right the traffic! The drivers follow traffic rules so even though there is a jam, the cars still move after a very short period of wait.

I was actually scratching my head thinking why there were traffic jams when obviously majority of the drivers follow traffic rules. You know what I learned? Owning a car is very easy for their citizens that almost all of them have cars of their own! That’s why there are traffic jams even if their main roads have five to six lanes! And here’s another thing, their U-turn slots are mostly bridges so it takes a while before you reach it.

No traffic enforcers and yet cars are moving, albeit slow, but still…

We really discipline on the road!

Deteriorating GLOBE Telecoms service

I don’t know if it’s only in our area but my siblings and I have been noticing that the cellphone signal of GLOBE Telecoms in our area is always fluctuating. Can you imagine being without signal when before it’s always full bar inside our house?

We noticed it a couple of weeks ago. There was a day when GLOBE was out of signal. We couldn’t send text messages or make calls. We ignored it and, anyway, there was no special thing going on so we just shrugged it off. But after that day, we would find our phones without signal from time to time which is very unusual for a GLOBE line.

We are worried because GLOBE is the only network with a good signal at home. We were formerly SMART subscribers probably almost a decade ago. But we got tired of always missing calls and text messages so we switched and have been satisfied until this issue we now have with the fluctuating signal.

I wonder why this is happening. I know for a fact that GLOBE is a good company so this deteriorating GLOBE Telecoms service is really worrying me.

The president’s love life

PNoyI find it really distasteful how the President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III can talk (and joke) about his love life in the light of what’s happening in the country. I mean come on! So many issues need to be answered/addressed by the president I would like to think that he knew to brush off questions regarding his love life, not bask in it and act like he’s even kinikilig about it!

These are just some of the issues in the country right now…

  • There’s still those missing persons/casualties of typhoon Sendong in Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro City.
  • There’s the to-be-implemented K+12 Program by the Department of Education (DepEd) by this coming June 2012 (School Year 2012-2013) which I heard from my sister (who teaches in a Catholic School in Manila) is being protested by a lot of parents especially those with incoming Grade 6 kids.
  • There’s also the ongoing impeachment proceedings┬áversus Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona.
  • Congressman Iggy Arroyo’s death.┬áThis should not have been a national issue but since he is tied up to the controversial Jose Pidal account…
  • And there’s still the cases against former President-now Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

So the Philippines has a bachelor president. So what?!? Sure, we have vested interest in who he might marry while serving as the Chief Executive of the country. But the guy is still getting to know women and dating them. We need not discuss it on national television and he need not act like a teenage boy in the brink of jumping into a relationship with his first love! Not to mention how his sister Kris Aquino couldn’t stop herself from declaring how nice the president looked together with the Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra who is also single like him! Ah these Aquinos!

Can you imagine the Korean TV host Grace Lee became a trending topic in Twitter for close to 2 days just because she is dating the president?!?

Sana bago asikasuhin ang love life eh asikasuhin muna ang sandamak na issue sa bansa. Ang dami pa ring eskwelahan ang di magamit dahil evacuation centers pa rin. Kulang pa rin ang mga classrooms at school supplies especially textbooks. Ang daming dapat pagtuunan ng pansin ng presidente natin! Kung gusto lang pala niyang mag-date, sana di na lang siya tumakbong presidente di ba? Unahin ba raw ang love life!!

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