Maynilad web site and hotline

I wrote about Maynilad Water a few times in 2009. It was connected to shortage of water supply and my experience dealing with Maynilad’s customer service. Since I am used to dealing with so-so customer service here in the country, I was suprised that Maynilad’s customer service was actually pretty good. I wrote about it, even putting the Maynilad 24/7 Customer Service Hotline 1626 here.

Since I wrote about Maynilad, I’ve been getting comments asking for help regarding water supply. One woman even left a heartfelt plea for Maynilad to give back their water supply since she already paid their overdue account. I try as best I can to reply to all the comments but some emails left were either erroneously written or bogus.

Let me just reiterate once again that I am in no way affiliated to Maynilad Water Services. I just wrote about that satisfactory one-time customer service experience I had with them. You may contact Maynilad directly through their Hotline 1626 or through their web site at

Philippine holidays in 2013

The full list of 2013 holidays according to Proclamation No. 459:

January 1 (Tuesday) – New Year’s Day
March 28 – Maundy Thursday
March 29 – Good Friday
April 9 (Tuesday) – Araw ng Kagitingan
May 1 (Wednesday) – Labor Day
June 12 (Wednesday) – Independence Day
August 26 (Last Monday of August) – National Heroes Day
November 30 (Saturday) – Bonifacio Day
December 25 (Wednesday) – Christmas Day
December 30 (Monday) – Rizal Day

March 30 – Black Saturday
August 21 (Wednesday) – Ninoy Aquino Day
November 1 (Friday) – All Saints Day
December 31 (Tuesday) – Last Day of the Year

November 2 (Saturday)
December 24 (Tuesday)

February 25 – EDSA Revolution Anniversary

Take note of the holidays so you are prepared for it. Plan your vacations and family outings around these holidays although as you can probably see while you’re marking your calendars, there are fewer long weekends for the next year.


Typhoon Pablo

My heart really goes out to all those people affected by typhoon Pablo. It was so heartbreaking when I saw the devastation in the news last night! My eyes just couldn’t believe how a peaceful province like Compostela Valley, a place we normally don’t hear in news, was now destroyed. Houses, buildings, agriculture… all destroyed by Pablo! And those towns in Davao Oriental… words cannot express how devastated those towns are! Wiped out should be the correct description to those three towns. When it was shown in the news last night, it looked like a hurricane or tornado and not a typhoon happened. It was just so sad.

Then there’s those who died because of the typhoon. So many people died, injured, and are still lost…

It’s just 18 days before Christmas. Instead of buying something extravagant for ourselves, maybe we can donate some of what we have to the people affected by typhoon Pablo.

They badly need our help!


The Varsitarian, RH Bill and the rest of Thomasians

Let me clear something up…

Whatever that editorial in The Varsitarian says, it doesn’t necessarily represent the rest of us Thomasians who are pro-RH Bill!

Just recently, The Varsitarian, University of Santo Tomas‘s official student paper, printed an editorial calling out professors of Ateneo de Manila University and De La Salle University who professed their support for the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) Bill. They called those professors cowards in not so many words.

Of course, an ‘uprising’ from those supporting the professors and those from the said rival universities spread around the internet! Who wouldn’t be pissed with what the editorial said? I won’t go into details anymore. You can easily read the editorial yourself so you can form an opinion about it.

The point of this entry is this: people who got pissed with the editorial have been calling out Thomasians for it. Not all but some have come out and insulted us. I may not be a student of the said university for more than a decade now but I am an alumnus and I am mighty proud of my alma mater! So you can’t blame me for being mad about those calling out even to us who didn’t even know who wrote that darn editorial! It’s like calling everyone stupid in the Philippines just because one or a handful of its officials have done something dumb. There’s even one tweet I read wherein a guy said “kaya nasasaksak eh!” (no wonder [the student] got stabbed!) That UST student who got stabbed in the FEU campus is already a victim, making fun of what happened to her because of the editorial is making her a victim twice over which is really mean of that guy!

Let me just say this once and for all. Not all Thomasians are pro-RH Bill! I am pretty sure not everyone in The Varsitarian is pro-RH Bill and is happy with the editorial. I am not happy with that editorial and I am pro RH Bill! So stop calling out the whole Thomasian community for that editorial. We are not ONE in that stand!

Are you pro-bloggers or not?!?

I watched this so-called (most likely self-proclaimed!) social media expert blogger on the news last night and the other night. She’s spouting gibberish over the Cybercrime Prevention Act and telling everyone to give it a chance and all that. Sure, I am all for giving everything and everyone a chance but this is one fight that I think we, bloggers and social media users, should rally together against.

Oh, I know what she would say if ever she gets to read this… I don’t know anything about the Cybercrime Prevention Act. I know enough.

I also know that I don’t present myself as some kind of an expert who seemed to enjoy looking down on her fellow internet users!


Frustrated over a lot of things

I normally can’t control my frustration especially if it concerns our government. I just feel like there’s something that can be done on all the problems the country has but those in position aren’t doing anything or enough to solve any of it.

And then there are political dynasties and celebrities running for the coming 2013 national elections…

I’ve been reading the names of all the actors, actresses, and other well-known personalities who will be running in various local positions in the government. My head is aching from the absurdity of it all! Can you imagine a young man who’s only claim to fame is being the son of a well-known actor (now a senator) and actress (a local official in her province) running as a vice governor? Does he think he will just go on dance numbers, acting auditions and a photo op here and there? Sure, his parents might already know a thing or two on what he’s supposed to do but does he really know? Or will he just rely on his political ‘advisers’ to tell him what to do? I am sure the latter will be the case. I am also very disappointed with this actor who hasn’t even held any position in the government and then all of a sudden will be running for a top post in the provincial government where he’s supposed to be residing with his family now. Ha! You are all making me laugh!

I salute you people! You really have the ‘heart’ to help the citizens of this country. You could have used your star power to help the Filipinos choose their officials wisely but no you have to go and run yourselves because you all want to ‘help’.


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