Are you an oDesk user?

I’ve been working at home for close to six years already. I was working as an accounting manager before I decided to quit and work at home. I’ve been doing freelance work mostly on writing content and some audit work on the side. Needless to say I found this style of working more fulfilling, especially in terms of financial outcome at the end of every month.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been hearing about and how so many people are earning a lot from it. The site is all about freelance offers for content writer, article writer, e-book writer/editor, virtual assistant, telemarketer, SEO specialist, etc. There’s a lot of work there for those willing to work for a small sum of money in exchange for a possible long-term arrangement (read: steady source of work and income).

I personally know blogger-friends who have really earned from oDesk and since some paid programs are not giving enough amount of work anymore, I decided to finally open an oDesk account of my own. I haven’t done the oDesk test yet so I can bid for jobs but I will as soon as possible.

Holidays is slowly approaching. This is the time for all of us to start saving so that we have something to tap on during that festive season.

Have you tried yet? Do you have an account there? What can you say about the service?

The corporate life

I must admit that I miss the corporate life. Not that much but I still miss it from time to time. I miss the deadlines. I miss the reports. I miss the office environment.

I don’t miss the rush hours. I don’t miss the pressure and stress. I don’t miss the office politics as well as the holier-than-thou attitude of some people especially some bosses.

I do miss the general feeling of going to the office, though.


I miss educational opportunities like mcp certification, and advancement incentives, such as online MBA programs.

Scared to go back

Do you know that feeling of being scared to go back to something you haven’t done or been in for years? That’s how I feel now. I’ve been postponing my corporate comeback for more than a year already. Finding a job would have been easy for me. There are jobs available for my profession and I see it every day when and send me updates.

It’s just that it’s so hard to break a really good routine. I wake up middle of the morning. I sleep around dawn. I work when inspiration strikes me. If not, I can work tomorrow if it isn’t deadline yet. In short, I am in better control of my day. I work when I please and my income depends on how hard I worked in a month.

Do you see why it suddenly scares me to step foot inside a corporate office again as an employee?

Work at home perks

One of the reasons that I opted to work at home is for me to have control over my schedule. I love being able to just go out of the house in the middle of the day to go to the mall and watch a movie or buy a book. I love that I can spend time with family and friends even on weekdays when every one’s at work and there are only a few of us off it.

My cousin was rushed to the hospital last September 11th. He had an operation on his appendix. It was easy for me to plan on visiting him after lunch the day I learned about it because I was just at home and I can move my work schedule.

Are you working at home, too?

Happy 3rd Blogoversary!!!

Happy Blogoversary

Blogging changed my life. I discovered it back in 2004 when I was looking for an online platform I could use as a journal. I started with Bravejournal. It was my first official blog. Before that, I used those other online diaries no longer active at the present. With my Bravejournal blog, I was able to write down snippets of thoughts from my chaotic mind. It became a therapy for me. It was a tough time for me back then and I didn’t want to burden the people around me with so much ranting. Blogging became an outlet for me to rant and rave about so many things in my life.

I wasn’t looking for friends that time. All I wanted was to write down all my conflicting thoughts and emotions. But the occasional comments gave me a high that I started waiting for it more and more. I met a good friend through the comments section and she’s the one who gave me the idea to try out And so I started my blog and made friends. Later on, I learned how to monetize my blog entries through the very same friend who directed me to Blogger. She told me that it’s time for me to get my very own DOT COM.

Thus, this blog was born.

It was May 9, 2007 when I registered this domain but the blog was up the very next day, May 10, 2007.

It has been three fruitful years since then. This blog gave me so much! I was able to work at home and spend time with my family. I was able to meet people who have become inspirations and friends even outside of the blogging world. For a meager domain registration fee, I was able to get back a hundredfold of blessings year after year.

Happy 3rd blogoversary to! Here’s to more years of blogging!

WAH Moments: Christmas parties

My sisters are all going crazy about Christmas parties they need to attend. When you are working at home, of course, there are no office Christmas parties for you to attend to. I miss the chaos in the office while people are preparing for the Christmas party.

One of the companies I’ve been with is big on holiday parties. There are parties for each department, each location, and then the big one where every one converge. Since the Accounting and Finance department is the biggest department in the company, it is a big deal among the Finance executives. They would allot a portion of the savings in supplies and even donate a portion of their salaries for the event. That one party was actually one of the most memorable Christmas parties I participated in my entire career.

I miss participating in the preparation. The food, the games, the singing… :)

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