Missing Mobile: Never Lose Your Phone Again

In the modern world, we are hooked to our gadgets. In fact, we struggle to be apart from our phone for too long. After all, it’s our main way of communicating with other people, whether that be via call, text, or social media! And it can be extremely useful for work. If you work from home, it can help you to speak with clients quickly. And it can be a handy tool if you need to check emails on the move. Therefore, if you do misplace your favorite gadget, it can leave you in a panic. After all, you don’t know what you will do without the top accessory. And some people even deal with Nomophobia; a fear of being without their phone! If it’s lost for good, it can cost you an arm and a leg to replace the phone. However, there are some ways you can avoid losing your phone in future. Therefore, here are some vital tips to ensure you never have a missing mobile again!

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Download the Find My Phone app

One of the worst things about finding your phone is being unable to figure out where it’s gone. After all, it could be in the home or even out on the street. And if it’s been stolen, you have little hope as it could be the other side of the country. However, there are a few handy ways you can avoid it being lost for good. For one thing, you should download the essential Find My iPhone app if you have an Apple device. That way, you can find out exactly where your phone is from logging on to your iCloud from any other device. As long as the mobile has some form of internet connection, you will be able to track it down anywhere in the country! And not only this but if it has been stolen, you can wipe your information, so it becomes useless to the thief. Therefore, they won’t be able to take any more of your personal details which they could use to make fraudulent purchases! And having this handy app on your phone can mean you will never lose your phone as you can quickly find where you put it. Of course, not everyone has an iPhone. Therefore, if you do have an Android device, for example, there are some other apps out there like Prey and Theftie which will be equally as useful for finding your lost phone, so it’s not gone for good!

Give your phone some unique touches

It can be a challenge finding your phone as everyone has similar phones these days. In fact, you will struggle to find another person within your close group of friends or family who doesn’t have the same phone as you! Therefore, if you do lose it, it can be hard to find your phone. And asking people to look out for it can be challenging as they might not be able to identify if it’s yours. Therefore, you need to make sure you add unique touches to your phone. After all, if it’s easy to spot, you will soon see it on the floor or in your bag! One thing you could do is get a vibrant case for your phone. After all, if it’s in a glowing gold or even a bright pink, you will soon see it in the bottom of your car or out on the street. And you could even get your initials placed on the back of the phone. For one thing, you will struggle to misplace it with other people’s phones if your name’s on it. And if it does get lost, you will soon be able to get your phone back. Also, you could think about getting a unique wallpaper for your phone. After all, there are lots of ready made phone wallpapers, or you could even make your own. And with this personal wallpaper, your phone will definitely not get lost again. After all, as soon as people see it when they touch the home button, they will know the phone belongs to you!

Always be consistent with the place you put your phone

You might be surprised to know that some people put their phone down in different places every time they come in. And it can leave them feeling confused about where they put the device. After all, it might have seemed like a safe place at the time, but now you are left confuzzled. Therefore, to ensure you don’t lose your phone again, you need to be consistent with where you leave the device. Get a docking stand for the phone which you can use to put it on. That way, you will know exactly where the phone is so it won’t get lost. Or put it right next to the charger in future. If you get into this habit, you will always put your phone in the same place. And then will always have your phone with you!

Keep some battery on your phone and have the sound on

It’s so easy to run out of battery during the day. After all, if you have a number of apps running at once, you are likely to be draining the battery. But if your battery does die, you are going to struggle to find your phone. For one thing, you won’t be able to ring the phone, so won’t be able to spot in your room. And you also won’t be able to use any of the apps mentioned above to trace your phone. Also, if anyone picks up your phone, they will get a black screen so won’t be able to trace it to you! You also need to make sure the sound is on. A lot of people have their mobile on silent if they are busy working or with friends, but if you lose it, you won’t be able to hear where it is. Therefore, keep it on low volume to ensure it does ring if you need to phone it!

And remember to keep on top of backing up your device. That way, if you do lose your phone for good, you haven’t lost precious videos and photos too!

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