Facing Up To Confidence

Confidence is not something that we are often born with, but it is something you can learn to feel. The way we feel on the inside is often directly linked to how we look on the outside, and while we are taught that it’s what on the inside that counts, sometimes that’s just not enough. It’s something that is a catch-22; if you don’t feel like you look good, you won’t feel happy or confident. The day to day moods we feel, our future career choices and even the people we plan to socialise with are all affected by our confidence levels.

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Our world is driven digitally by social media and thus, appearances are the first things we judge. Taking the time on how we look, choosing clothes that are flattering and learning how to use makeup are all ways we improve our confidence. We also invest money in cosmetic surgeries and surgeries for dentistry, including impacted wisdom tooth extraction. When we look good, we feel great, so it makes sense that when we want to feel wonderful we make changes to our looks.

A lot of what we do to look great is temporary, including cosmetic surgery. Fillers and Botox don’t last forever, which is why we need to take steps to identify why we don’t feel good about ourselves in the first place. Understanding that can help us to gain a natural confidence without the need for changes to the body like surgery brings us. Gaining confidence in yourself can give you the following:

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  • The ability to enjoy life. When you are unhappy with the way that you look, or you shy away from the camera and refuse to have your photo taken, you are stopping yourself from enjoying the world around you. It’s really difficult to get out of a cycle of low self-esteem, so you need to look into why your self-esteem is low and work on improving it so that life becomes something you want to love rather than something to be endured.
  • The ability to empower yourself. Making changes to how you feel about yourself can empower you to feel fantastic on the inside. Updating your wardrobe, investing in cosmetic surgery and taking a workout class so your weight is a healthy one, are all empowering ways to feel great about yourself.
  • The ability to celebrate yourself. A big part of gaining some confidence is to know when to feel good about yourself. Praising yourself when you hit your goals is important, as you can celebrate that achievement and know you can hit your targets.
  • The ability to shine socially. An introvert who isn’t comfortable in a crowded place will be more obvious than someone who is a social butterfly. The confidence that you claw back for yourself can make itself obvious in a social situation, making you feel amazing and making others around you recognise your happiness.

Confidence is not easy to come by, but once you have it you mustn’t let it go!

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