Paying Attention to Details in Your Bathroom Design

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When it comes to bathroom design, many of us focus all of our attention on the big features: the style and size of the bathtub, whether to have a freestanding shower or not, what kind of basin to have and whether to have cabinets placed above it with large mirrors or no mirrors at all. It’s not surprising that smaller touches fall by the wayside. However, once you’ve settled on the major parts of your bathroom design or renovation, make sure that you have a good mull over the smaller details. These are the things that will bring your bathroom together. Here are a few areas to think about.

Colour Scheme

Before you start filling your bathroom with extras and toiletries, you’re going to need to choose a colour scheme. While you may want to keep the majority of your home pretty neutral with magnolia or white walls, the bathroom is a space where you can generally afford to be a little more out there with your colour choices. Why? Well, you don’t have furniture such as sofas, tables, or chairs that you’re going to have to match in. Generally, bathroom fittings are silver or white, which makes them pretty compatible with any colour that you may choose. Because the space is small, you can also redecorate regularly, which means if you’re not feeling your chosen colour after a couple of months, it’s going to be very easy to make changes. Traditional colours span the blue and green section. Softer tones such as aqua, baby blue, coastal blue, mint, and duck egg blue are often a hit. Or you could keep things simple with cream and white or black and white. If you fancy something a little brighter and bolder, why not consider cherry red and white?

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Toilet Seats

Sure, toilet seats may well serve a basic and practical purpose. But what’s to say that they can’t form a notable part of your decor? Opt for a seat that matches the colour of your walls or other accessories, such as toothbrush holders and soap dishes. The more things that tie into your intended colour scheme, the better. Alternatively, you could keep things natural with a wooden seat. Now consider added extras, such as slow-close seats. Don’t forget to measure your current seat before replacing it too. This will help you to avoid disappointment should you fit a seat that then proves too small or excessively large. Opt for Check out the range available to you at Home Spa Select!

Bath Mats

Whether you have a bath, a shower, or both, you should invest in a bath mat. This is a relatively small piece of material that you step onto when you get out of the water. It will absorb any moisture, meaning that you’re less likely to experience slips or trips when exiting the room. They also come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. As mentioned above, try to fit this accessory into your existing colour scheme. This will help to bring the room together and create a sense of consistency in the design.

These are just a few extras that go into your bathroom, there are plenty more to consider. Just always keep one thing in mind: your aesthetic. Try to ensure that everything fits into the look you’re going for!

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