Styling A Bedroom Fit For Any Season

The bedroom is the most important room in the house. The reason? Because sleep is the most important thing you can do every single day! It helps us to heal, and it helps us to remember all the best bits of each day. When you’re styling your bedroom, you definitely want to be promoting good quality sleep. That doesn’t mean the space can’t look good at the same time!


If you’re in the room to sleep, then you want an exquisite bed. Four-poster might seem a little extravagant, but there is a lot to be said for a modern twist on this classic. You can pick any color of wood that you like and choose intricately turned posts for that touch of elegance. You might even dress the posts with sashes or voiles.

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Nothing says comfort like a high-quality mattress. While it might not make up any part of the decor or styling, it is perhaps the single most important item in the room. Some mattresses, like memory foam mattresses, hold the body in a comfortable position all night long. You can find out more at about how this works. Innerspring and latex mattresses aren’t as popular, but that doesn’t mean one of these won’t serve you well. Read up on the comfort levels you might be able to achieve with each type of mattress.

Dressing the bed itself is easy. Simply choose your pallet color for the room and find a bedspread that offers this color in abundance. Alternatively, pick a pure white, and dress the bed space with cushions and throws in your accent color. The bedroom is one of the easiest rooms to dress up, down, or differently for every season.

Drapes And Curtains

Drapes or curtains are essential for the bedroom. They offer maximum privacy so you can dress, undress, and enjoy being in bed without anyone on the street seeing you. But curtains can do much more than that. Firstly, they can add a big, bold splash of color to help you style the room in your favorite tone. Secondly, they can shut out all daylight. This is especially useful if you have to work shifts.

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Bedside Cabinets

Part of the style of your room will be determined by the cabinets you choose. You might choose something contemporary like a mirrored chest of drawers. This helps lighten and brighten the room. Or you might choose something in an antique wood, complete with turned legs and brass drawer handles. Don’t forget you can dress the top of the cabinets too. You might add a runner in your accent color. Maybe there will be a few reading books? Why not add a vase of beautiful flowers too?


Hardwood floors in the bedroom might be the stuff of dreams for many of us. Of course, there are plenty of affordable alternatives that can emulate the look of the real thing. It’s worth considering something wood-like in the bedroom. After all, in the summer, things can get much hotter. If you want a room for all seasons, consider a hardwood floor over a carpet. These tend to be easier to keep clean and reduce allergens too.

Of course, carpeting is soft and luxurious under a pair of bare feet. It’s warmer for the winter, and it can even be nice just to sit down or lay down on the floor when you’re having a lazy afternoon. Underlay is essential for that extra squishy sensation. Pick a thicker pile for softness. Alternatively, go with the hardwood or tile. Then you can add soft rugs as required. They’re easy to swap out when you’re ready for a color change too. Patterns or plain?

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Freestanding closets or wardrobes are ideal when you need a little extra storage. They can be produced from any wood you like. Deep grains or fine grains? The choice is yours. Then, of course, the depth of stain might make a difference too. Built-in closets can be altered to suit your tastes. Simply change the door handle, or swap the doors out altogether. You can paint them, add decals, or even cover them in fabric to achieve the look you want.


We spend most of our time in the bedroom with our eyes closed, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your lighting choices. A chandelier would bring a touch of luxury to any bedroom. There are many different styles to choose from. You might select something contemporary that provides plenty of shape and structure to the room. Maybe a backlit false wall would offer a nice effect? You could then choose any color light you liked for a soft haze around your panel.

Dressing Table

What bedroom is complete without an elegant dressing table. You might be trying to achieve an eclectic look for the bedroom. This means the bedside cabinets, closets and dressing table would be different shapes, styles and colors. Of course, if you want them all to match, you don’t necessarily have to order them from the same store. Simply pick a color theme to connect them. You can achieve this easily with runners. Perhaps you would prefer to paint them all?

The position of your dressing table is really important. You need it to be situated close to the power points. It would be a good idea to have it in a window, so you have plenty of natural light to fall on your face. Add a gorgeous tilting mirror, and you’re ready to do your hair and makeup every morning. Add a clipped holder for your hair drier, and a dainty pot for your cosmetic brushes. Perfect.

Bedrooms rarely change from season to season, although the bedding and quilt weight might be altered. Fortunately, bedroom colors are really easy to change in a hurry! Can you style your bedroom for every season?

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