How important is clean air?

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Clean air is very important. We breathe to live. Can you imagine breathing polluted air all the time? Your lungs will become weak. You will develop all kinds of illnesses. And, later on, die at an early age. You do not want that to happen to you, trust me.

When we moved into the house we currently reside in, all we knew was this was a vast improvement from the one we used to live in. Not because of the house per se but due to the neighbors. We live on a wide-road street so we hardly interact with neighbors. Yes, the noise of the vehicles used to get to us but we got so used to it now it’s like background noise to us already. But the air, that’s another thing. Fine dust coming from the vehicles zooming pass by is something that you get used to but will eventually make you sick. That’s why there is this urge to get an Asbestos Microscope from Microscope International, you know, to be able to check the dust and all those other microscopic things that come with the air not just from the road, the vehicles, but, also, from the stale air inside this old house. It will surely help us control it somehow by installing air filters, purifiers and a layer of good quality curtains on all the windows facing the road.

Truth is I developed asthma a year after we moved in here. I was told by my doctor that no polarised light microscopy asbestos microscope could have told us that the fine dust of the road outside the house would bring in this breathing problem to me. But here I am with asthma and triggered by change in weather and depending on the heaviness of the dust outside. Sucks to be sidelined by asthma from time to time but I guess it’s the price I have to pay for wanting a different neighborhood.

Anyway, we’re doing our best to filter the air coming inside the house. I do hope it will really lessen the dust and any other particles coming in, and that no other family member will get asthma in the long run.

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