When You Do A Home Overhaul Follow This Guide

What is a home overhaul? It’s a changing or updating of the major systems in the house. Things like plumbing, electrical wiring, gas pipes, central heating, air conditioning as well as other aspects like flooring and wallpaper. These parts of the house are important systems but also important decor points. The change of flooring is something that comes around every 10 years or so. However you might need to change your electrical wiring every 10 to 15 years depending on the condition of the home. The design is very important as well because older homes will need to be cared for much more regularly. Central heating is directly linked to plumbing so if you are correcting one system the other will most likely need to follow. But just how do you go about with such massive changes without disrupting the rest of the home?

Going into the walls

In order to change the wiring in your home, you will first need to contact the local authority. The reason for doing so is that they will give you a permit to change your wiring. This is needed because it’s quite a dangerous task if done by someone who has no knowledge of electronics. They need to assess how you will go about it. When you do get the permission required, you’ll need to consider how much of the wall you want to access. Be mindful of this because you don’t want to weaken a wall and possibly risk the structural integrity of your home. Replacing equipment such as panels might be required but usually the main replacements will be the circuits and the wirings. Buttons and switches should also be replaced as these get worn out over the years of use.

Ripping the floor

Changing the floor is a major task and it pretty much shuts down the house in a room to room fashion. Whichever room is being re-floored will require the contractor space and full control as underneath each floor will be pipes and wiring. Sometimes there may even be insulation so a lot of things need to be juggled. But how do you choose the right kind of contractor in the first place? Every home is different therefore every job is different. You can get a competitive trade quotation and only pay for the leads that you use. The company allows you to put out a job description which then will be replied to by tradesman. If you get a quote you like, then you’ll pay a small fee upon which you get their name, email address and phone number. You can discuss the job further from there.

Removing the aesthetic walls

A large overhaul of the house would not be complete unless you fully changed the look of the walls. That would mean you need to either remove the wallpaper or remove the paint. For both decisions you have plenty of options. The classic steamer is a good choice to get rid of wallpaper but leave the wall underneath intact. Peel away paint remover is one of the more popular options for cleanly removing the paint you have without scarring the foundation underneath.

Overhauls are not very common as they usually come around after 10 years of living in the home. Therefore take your time, hire the best people and invest in great products.

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