Here’s How The Pros Prep Their Homes For The Holidays

We’re still a few months out from the holidays, but they’re sneaking up on us fast. Before you know it, you’ll be up in the attic, pulling tinsel out of boxes and feverishly writing cards at the last minute.

Or will you?

In this post, we’re going to take a look at how the pros prep their homes in advance of the holiday season, helping you to alleviate some of that last-minute rush.

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Get Rid Of The Gunk In Your Microwave

Your microwave is a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. Every time you put something in it to cook, particles from it are released into the surrounding atmosphere, inevitably ending up on the walls and tray.

First of all, remove the rotating tray and pop it in the dishwasher along with the rest of your pottery. Then, grab your favorite, non-toxic cleaning spray, and start squirting. Use a soft cloth and a little water to lift all of the splatters out of your microwave and wash it down the sink. The end result should be a much fresher microwave that doesn’t smell like old sausage every time you switch it on.

Prep All Your Appliances

Your appliances take a beating over the holiday season. You probably use your boiler, refrigerator, stove, freezer, and dishwasher more than at any other time of the year, putting them under immense strain.

Ideally, you want all your appliances to be in excellent condition before the first of your guests arrive. If some of them aren’t at their best, look out for holiday appliance repair deals. It’s often easier than you think to find professionals in your local area who specialize in repairing your machinery, ensuring that you’re prepped for the holiday season.

Sharpen Your Knives

Whether you eat turkey, nut roast, or something else over the holidays, it always pays to have a set of sharp knives ready to go in your drawers.

New knives are expensive, so if you don’t want to splash out, then you need to find a way to sharpen your existing ones. But how?

While you can use a sharpening steel, there are far more user-friendly products out there on the market today that don’t risk slicing off the end of your fingers. The best are counter-mounted sharpening stones. Place the knife between the two stones on the device and then pull it backward in a series of long, even strokes. You should notice tiny metal filings shaving off, helping to smoothen out the blade.

Collect Firewood

The last thing you want is to be sitting there on Christmas eve, shivering in your pajamas because you forgot to stock up on firewood.

Bought firewood is usually the best option because of its low moisture content, although you can chop your own, so long as you give it sufficient time to dry.

Put Down Slip-Proof Mats Near Exterior Doors

Things can get a little slippy underfoot during the holiday season, thanks to the mud and ice. Be on the safe side and lay down some non-slip mats next to popular entry points.

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