Moved Into A New Home? 4 Checks To Prioritize

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Moving into a new home can often feel like the end of the story. After the excitement – and, admittedly, the stress – of your house search and the moving process itself, your journey has reached its conclusion.

In actuality, the first night you spend in your new home is actually just chapter one of a brand new story – one that will see you and your family turn this new property into a home, sharing experiences and making memories that will last for a lifetime. In order to ensure that that wonderful story gets off to the best possible start, here are four checks you may wish to prioritize as you look to settle in to your new property…

#1 – A maintenance home inspection

The purpose of a professionally-conducted maintenance home inspection is to obtain a thorough overview of the workings of your property, both as it stands today and any issues that might potentially develop in the future. You’ll be able to identify if any upgrades are in order and when they may need to be arranged, so that you can gain a much deeper insight into your new home and budget accordingly for any changes you may need to make.

#2 – A pest inspection

You’ve just moved into a new property, your pride and joy – so naturally, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not sharing the space with any unwanted guests. A professional pest inspection can thoroughly check over your entire property, looking for signs of infestation that have otherwise been unnoticed. If any problems are identified, then you can arrange for the pests to be evicted, so you can enjoy your new home in peace.

#3 – A security inspection

Home security is something that people will rarely analyze when they are viewing a property they are considering buying. Instead, most of us focus on the space and living arrangements the property can provide, imagining ourselves living there, rather than practical necessities. As a result, upon moving in, it’s advisable to see the property through new eyes and check the overall security of the entire building. If you notice any issues (such as weak fencing or a lack of security cameras), you can then consider using these measures to ensure your home is as thoroughly protected as possible.

#4 – An “in case of emergency” check

Finally, a check that is designed to familiarize yourself with your property and ensure that, should a serious or emergency situation develop, you’ll be able to take mitigating action. The most important part of this check is ensuring you know how to turn the water and power off at the main supply, and it’s also beneficial to check the location of existing – or install for the first time – fire extinguishers or blankets throughout the property. It’s also advisable to ensure that all of your family members also go through this check with you.

In conclusion

When all of the above checks are complete – and, if necessary, appropriate action has been taken to rectify any issues – then you can start to enjoy life in your wonderful new home!

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