4 Funky Ways To Update Your Home’s Exterior This Summer

Here’s something you might not know about your home: the exterior is as important as the interior. Shock! Of course, think about it logically and this statement makes sense. The outside of the property is the first thing anyone sees when they roll up on the drive or cruise past, so kerb appeal plays a significant part. And, if you can make an excellent first impression, then you can add value to your home.

A lick of paint and new windows and doors, however, won’t cut the mustard. To update the outside of your house and add value, you’ve got to get funky.

Aluminium Gutters

The gutters are practical, but they’re not stylish. And, why should they be when they collect rain and leaves over the autumn and winter? The answer is simple: they act as a focal point. Considering there isn’t going to be much rain during the hottest days ever recorded, you might as well get use out of them design-wise. Replacing cheap plastic with shiny aluminium or steel makes the exterior appear less tired and outdated. This technique works well if you have big, open windows that let in lots of natural light.

Solar Panels

No, they aren’t ugly! They are different, but that’s what makes them a funky and eye-catching addition to your roof. Plus, there’s no doubt that solar panels bring contrast too. The black, reflective surfaces of the panels work well against the backdrop of neutral stone or redbrick. You can invest in stand-alone panels if you feel they would make a better addition to your garden or backyard rather than your roof. Buyers love panels in Australia because, well, it’s always sunny! If they can offset the cost of installing them by purchasing a ready-made property, it makes them well worth paying for in the long-term.

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Roof Garden

There is a lot of hard materials on the exterior of your property, and it would be nice if you could soften them a touch. However, swapping them for lighter materials isn’t practical if they aren’t as durable, right? Yes, that is true, yet there is still a solution: covering part of the roof with turf. An extension is a perfect option as it is usually smaller and easier to install. Then, you’ll get to mix textures and combine elements on the outside of your home that isn’t typically possible, meaning your property will be unique. And, originality goes a long way regarding added-value.

Natural Doors & Windows

Doors and windows take up a big surface area, which is why they are always going to be part of the conversation. What you want to avoid is following the crowd and fitting plastic or PVC entry points because they are more affordable and require less maintenance. Plastic is cheap, but it’s a bit tacky, too, and gaudy doesn’t add value. Natural materials, such as hardwood, are the opposite as the deep hues of the wood are soft and welcoming. Plus, they are sturdier, and that means you can promote a safer, more secure property.

Every buyer on the hunt for a property will pay more to keep their family safe.

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