10 Ways To Make Your Home Infinitely More Interesting

Having an interesting looking home is something that can be really enjoyable as a homeowner. If you want to make your home as interesting as possible, there are a few different things you can try. Below, you’ll find 10 methods that will allow you to make your space infinitely more interesting – take a look and see what you can do.

1. Include Patterns In Different Ways

Patterns are a great way to make your space more interesting and really funk it up. You can include patterns in just about any way you like – on curtains, cushions, and on your walls, for example. There are no rules. All you have to do is figure out a formula of mixing patterns that you like best. Some people like to use three patterns in different amounts, while others like to use the same pattern just in different colorways/sizes. You can have fun and get really creative with this method.

2. Add Plants

Plants can do lots of things for your space. They add color and joy, not to mention texture. They can also purify the air and do other amazing things. Adding plants both small and large is great. Just make sure you learn a little about the plants and select those that suit your ability best. They should also suit the room and space you intend to keep them in. For instance, if you were to buy a croton, you’d want to keep it in a humid, moist place like the bathroom. Each plant will need to be watered different amounts and different levels of light, so bear this in mind. A great starter plant is the spider plant, or even a snake plant!

3. Use Various Textures

Use various textures by selecting rugs, cushions, and other items. Using as many textures as possible is a great way to keep things interesting and feeling cosy to boot.

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4. Add An Unexpected Twist

Adding an unexpected twist is a wonderful way to make your home more interesting. You could do this with an antique, for instance, or even patterned glass. Step away from the norm and you won’t believe how much more interesting your home can look.

5. Get A Bookshelf

A bookshelf helps you to show off your interests – as well as give you something to do away from the TV. Why not create a reading nook? A cosy space where you can grab a read will likely encourage you to do it more. You could even invest in a big cosy bean bag or an indoor chair swing if you want to make it extra appealing.

6. Collect Your Favorite Art Pieces

Art isn’t just for people with a lot of money. You can use your favorite pieces printed on high quality paper and framed – you could even create something you love yourself if you’re quite arty. Art in each room is a great way to perk the space up. A huge piece can make a statement, while smaller pieces can be used on the same wall to create an accent.

7. Use Mirrors The Smart Way

Mirrors can be used to add texture and interest, as well as make a room look bigger and better. If you use mirrors properly, you can make a small room look much bigger. Texture on a mirror can also do a lot for your decor.

8. Mix Up Your Furniture

You don’t have to buy matching sets of furniture. This is just plain lazy! Many people don’t realize that mixing their furniture pieces can actually create a more interesting space. All you need to do is make sure the same style or a similar color is used so that the space still looks unified. You can also mix up your pillows, using different sizes and styles to create an eclectic look.

10. Create Your Own Accent Wall

Creating an accent wall is a wonderful way to show off your tastes and have fun. Include art, prints, pictures of loved ones, and even souvenirs to add to the space. However, you shouldn’t do this too much. You don’t want one in every room of the house! Instead, stick to a maximum of two. Choose walls that are bare with no distractions like doors or windows. They should draw the eye when you enter a room!

Making your home more interesting is really easy if you use the ideas and methods here. Do you have any suggestions of your own? Leave them below!

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