Globe Postpaid bill bad delivery service

Let me tell you something about Globe’s Postpaid Bill delivery service. My sister and I are both Globe Postpaid subscribers. Last week, she got a text message from Globe Telecoms asking her to settle her bill immediately. She was confused because she hasn’t received any bill yet and she was being asked to settle it asap.

She called up Globe Customer Service and she was told that it was already delivered several days ago and one of our neighbors received it. Upon hearing this, my sister got angry. First and foremost, there’s always someone at home, either my dad or me. So why did their delivery personnel gave the bill to a neighbor? Second, doesn’t Globe educate their delivery personnel about confidentiality? My sister does not give out her number to just about anybody. And to give the bill to a neighbor… what if our neighbor opened the bill and copied her number? It’s no big deal to some people who are used to receiving text messages and calls from people they don’t know, even prank calls in the middle of the night. But my sister is very private so this is a big deal to her! Lastly, she is bothered by the fact that there was no bill according to our neighbor! Talk about a messed up delivery service!

Naturally, when my sister talked to a Globe CS personnel, she was irate. She was assured that it will not happen again. As it should! Globe and other delivery services should educate their personnel that some things are kept private. Bills most especially. Just imagine what a bad person can do to the information he/she can get from a bill…

If you experienced this, do call Globe Customer Service and express your displeasure. Local companies should learn how to value post-sales services once and for all!

Left homeless

My heart goes out to the many families left homeless by Bagyong Ondoy. It is hard to see your house that you worked hard for left to ruins. I know that it’s also hard to part with it, especially if you’ve called it home for the past 10 years, more so three decades. A family stuck to their home despite the danger it posed because according to the matriarch, they’ve lived there for more than 30 years already. I know it’s bad to be too much attached to any material thing but you can’t fault these people. Blood and sweat were shed just to be able to afford a house of their own. And then to leave it just like that? I am sure each one of us won’t be able to do it easily.

We are lucky that the place of our residence is on an elevated area. We didn’t experience any flooding and our street looked normal if you wouldn’t look to the left and to the right. Neighboring streets were neck-deep in flood water.

I hope everyone’s safe. Classes in all levels are suspended for this week and will resume Monday next week already. There is a brewing storm about to enter the country within the day and I hope every one is prepared for this.

Keep safe!

PAGASA without hope

Maybe the government should look into the fact that PAGASA is always far from right when predicting the weather. Is it the weather equipments? Or is it the people already? I guess it’s both!

We need more agressive weather people and equipment! We are a country that always encounters catastrophe one way or another. We need to be on top of this lest we lose people because of a wrong weather update.

Like this Tropical Storm Ondoy. Sure, the PAGASA said that it will land on Saturday afternoon. But midnight before the landfall, rain was already pouring down hard and even someone who’s not an expert in weather would know that it will result to deep floods especially in areas that are normally flooded even with slight rain. But there was no announcement from PAGASA telling everyone to stay put, the rain would pour down harder. Nothing! Even college students and their universities were not advised to cancel classes. When they knew all along that the intensity of the storm is stronger than predicted.

Malamang nakatulog sila sa kangkungan kasi!

When will we ever learn to be prepared in cases like this? We encounter storms every year. We all know that! The experts know that! Why not be on the alert and go out on a limb, tell everyone to stay put in their homes because there will be a great flood coming? At least they put out a warning, right? But nothing at all!

No landline and DSL at home!

I am almost loving Bayantel now that they’re giving me a consistent internet connection and speed. But I am reminded why I didn’t like them in the first place… when the electricity is cut off, the landline and internet connection go kaput! Imagine when all of you at home are using a prepaid cellphone and you all forgot to load it. What will you use in an emergency?

I thought, at first, that all phone lines were cut off. You know, because of the storm. But then we were able to call my uncles’ homes using our cellphones. They are PLDT subscribers. Imagine that!

Bayantel, your subscribers are paying you. Most, like me, even pay ahead of the due date. Why not invest in something more stable than rent out from PLDT? Of course, they will sabotage your operations! Even a kid knows that! Invest in your own facility so when there’s an emergency, you need not shut it down!

Last night, there was a fire scare in our neighborhood. People couldn’t call the firestation or the nearest police station because we didn’t have landlines. Most of the neighbors are also Bayantel subscribers. PLDT is an asshole in this place, always delayed in their installation. Of course, Bayantel would swoop in when they feel the disappointment from the people. No landlines, no internet connection…

I wonder what excuse Bayantel will use this time!

Two things…

  • For the past two days now, I’ve been fixing bugs left by a hacking virus that I got from a friend’s blog. If you are seeing this message on a blog you are visiting, exit right away! It’s a virus that will infect not only your computer but your cpanel as well!

Warning: Unexpected character in input: ”’ (ASCII=39) state=1 in /home/****/public_html/****/index.php on line 23 Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘.’ in /home/****/public_html/****/index.php on line 23

Someone should kill those .ru sites!!! Those are the sites that are messing the codes in my index.php files making it inaccessible. And it keeps changing. I am asking for professional help to kill these pests!

  • So Entrecard just announced that they are “Reserving 15% Network Inventory for Sponsors”. Read the email already? I got the tweet and minutes later, I got an email announcing this. Does it mean that they will get 15% of our EC credits? Is that it?

Here’s the email from Cindy U.

We are pleased that many members are taking advantage of Entrecard services and that Entrecard is able to help users increase traffic to their blog. However in order to continue providing this free service, we will be taking 15% of our entire ad network inventory for sponsors as of Sept. 28, 09. This is a standard business model used by free advertising networks. The revenues generated by our sponsors will help cover overhead expenses and keep our service free to all our members for years to come. To keep things simple and fair, all ads will be distributed evenly in our network. We are currently working on a feature that will allow users to disable sponsor ads that may conflict with their blog. This will be available in a few weeks.

Please be assured that we will screen all sponsor ads to ensure that they meet our guidelines. All sponsor ads WILL be family oriented, and will not promote nudity, violence or anything illegal.

We thank you for your support and understanding. We will continue to make improvements to our network. Our goal is to deliver more traffic to your blog, increase your readers and comments, and let you network with other bloggers. We will focus on fine tuning every aspect of our business to ensure that our users are happy in the years ahead.

So what do you think, huh?

Blog traffic and incoming links

I must admit that when I don’t go EC dropping, my traffic goes down. I haven’t been active in other social networking sites where I get traffic before so I am left depending on EC for my traffic, plus some regular readers/visitors that are non-EC members.

So I was wondering, what’s the best source of traffic for your blog? Tell me about it here, whether the service has a fee or it’s free. If you have an affiliate commission from it, prove to me that you are actually getting enough traffic from it and I just might sign up 😉

Yes, I need traffic for this blog of mine. I need some incoming links as well. I just don’t want to force anyone to give it to me so might as well go for the directories and such. What do you think?

Happy weekend everyone!

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