The President on the situations abroad

I am sure the president is doing something about our fellow Filipinos’ situation in Libya. I am sure he is doing something to help the OFWs come home to where it’s safe. But how come he isn’t saying something about it? How come we don’t see him appearing on TV asking everyone to pray for the Filipinos trapped in the disturbance in Libya? How come we don’t see him saying anything about what happened, the earthquake, in Christchurch, New Zealand?

I have more questions.

How come he pushed through with the celebration of EDSA People Power when so many Filipinos are panicking already and couldn’t find a way to exit Libya? How come he partied and even obliged to a song number when so many Filipinos are in the middle of not just this situation in Libya but also in Bahrain, Yemen and now in Oman? We can see him smiling often when he knows so many Filipinos relying on the government’s help are not getting even a word from the government’s representatives abroad?

Why isn’t he plastering his face in television and newspapers saying something ANYTHING! about what’s happening overseas when OFWs, Filipinos abroad, and their families here so badly need a reassurance from the head of state himself that his office is doing everything they can to help the victims of situations abroad?!?

Why, oh, why, Mr. President?!?????

Canon Rebel XS

Canon Rebel XS

I may not be a photographer but I still want this Canon Rebel XS! It retails for $479 in and have been looking at it ever since a friend told me about its existence. I am a point and shoot type of person but I am very much willing to learn more than that if I have this kind of camera with me.


Scared to go back

Do you know that feeling of being scared to go back to something you haven’t done or been in for years? That’s how I feel now. I’ve been postponing my corporate comeback for more than a year already. Finding a job would have been easy for me. There are jobs available for my profession and I see it every day when and send me updates.

It’s just that it’s so hard to break a really good routine. I wake up middle of the morning. I sleep around dawn. I work when inspiration strikes me. If not, I can work tomorrow if it isn’t deadline yet. In short, I am in better control of my day. I work when I please and my income depends on how hard I worked in a month.

Do you see why it suddenly scares me to step foot inside a corporate office again as an employee?

My brother’s best friend

Let me digress from my usual rants on the Philippine government and the many issues in our country to tell you a personal story involving my deceased brother and his best friend.

My brother passed away in 1998 due to leukemia. He was 15. He was best friends with another boy his age who was his classmate since grade school. I remember that the night before he breathed his last, his best friend was at his bedside. My brother was comatose that time and we were told by the doctors that he could hear us since hearing is the last to go before a person passes away. His best friend was telling him to fight and that he would be their guest of honor in their summer party. He was telling him that they would go take up courses in college together and have families of their own and grow old as best friends. My brother’s best friend was crying unashamedly. We were all crying, too.

When he said goodbye, that’s when my brother started crying. I will never forget that. His tears were flowing freely even when he was in coma. He heard everything his best friend told him and he held on to the tears until his best friend left. He knew he didn’t have a chance of coming out of coma anymore. Maybe he already knew then that the morning after that he would die. » Read more

OFWs on death row

Every time I hear the news on the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in China who are on death row over drug trafficking charges, I keep wondering why it is only now that the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and the high government officials are doing something about it. Why now and not a few weeks or months ago when there would have been enough time to appeal their cases?

Aside from the OFWs in China who are on death row, I am sure there are other OFWs rotting in jails in different parts of the world. I wonder if they are being given the assistance they need.

It just makes you wonder if the DFA officials are really doing their jobs. Or if they are, are they giving their best or waiting for the cameras to roll before they appear to be doing their best?!?

Valentine’s Day commercialism

Today is Valentine’s Day. February 14. Heart’s Day. Love Day. Whatever you call it, it’s a day meant mostly to be celebrated with a special someone. It’s a red letter day for lovers out there.

How do you celebrate this day?

Most people will give their special someone roses or bouquet of flowers, chocolates, stuffed toys, cakes, cards. Some would celebrate with a bottle of wine and a special candle-lit dinner. Or a romantic getaway…

Roses Chocolates Wine

StuffedToy Cake Roses Card

What are you getting your special someone?

I would just like to comment on the commercialism of Valentine’s Day and how we are all so eager to celebrate this day. Filipinos love to grab any opportunity to celebrate. That’s why we have a lot of fiestas and the longest Christmas celebration. Valentine’s Day is no different. It’s an opportunity to celebrate so we grab at the chance to do so. Only, it’s become too commercialized! Have you noticed how every single merchandise you see from day 1 of February up to the 14th is meant for this day? You are lured to spend your hard earned money on something, anything, for this day. If you think about it, with these hard times, we should have been saving up instead of spending. There are different ways to celebrate this day without spending too much money. Have you seen the news the past few days? Prices of flowers, specifically roses and those bought for this occasion, have gone up! Is it really wise to shell out so much for something that will be rotten and dead in a few days only?

I am not being a party pooper here. I just want to point out how we are being lured by companies to celebrate a day extravagantly that we can otherwise celebrate simply so they can profit from us.

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