Why Is QuickBooks Right for Every Business?

With over twenty years of industry leadership, the financial software QuickBooks is arguably the leading package for small business accounting. The feature-rich program offers many benefits unavailable in all but proprietary software geared toward large corporations. QuickBooks affords small businesses the ability to keep up with larger companies without a massive investment in financial staff and software. In addition to streamlining basic tasks, business users can integrate QuickBooks with invoicing solutions and point of sale software from Merchant Account Solutions to track cash flow while offering more convenience to their customers.

The Power of Payment Acceptance

Today’s customers expect payment methods to be flexible and convenient. When combined with software such as Revel POS, an iOS-based cloud-enabled app that accepts all forms of electronic payments, QuickBooks can monitor transactions and provide customers with a pleasant paying experience. Having real-time information readily available also enables business owners to more effectively plan sales and marketing strategies as well as accurately maintain inventory levels.

Some additional advantages of using QuickBooks include:

  • Processes Multiple Types of Payments
  • Eliminates Entry Errors
  • Authorize Approvals Instantly
  • Store and Download Transactions From Secure Network

More Customer Options

QuickBooks invoicing features also include the ability to add a “Pay Now” link on the business’ website. This method allows small businesses to offer yet another avenue for customers to pay for goods and services. The software sends an email invoice to customers to guide them effortlessly to the payment link on the website.

Payment Solution Experts

Merchant Account Solutions can provide your businesses with the systems it needs to leverage the power of today’s technology. The company specializes in integrating various software and hardware options with payment processing systems to allow companies to develop methods perfectly suited to their needs. Visit this industry leader’s website contact form today to start taking advantage of affordable accounting and payment options for your business.

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