5 Things to Consider Before Having a Baby

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Hoping to start a family soon? Here are some steps you could take before trying to conceive that will likely make things easier for you when the baby comes along.

Career and finances

Working around raising a family isn’t the easiest, high living costs means that families often need two working partners just to make ends meet. If you’re not big on the idea of putting your child into childcare every day then finding a flexible work-from-home career could be the best way to balance the both. Home based businesses, blogging and freelancing are all ideas of ways you can earn money from home, spend some time before starting a family getting yourself set up with this so you can continue earning this way later down the line.

Living arrangements

Is the place you live in right now suitable for raising a baby in? If you’re in a tiny apartment for example or have lots of stairs to go up with no elevator then getting a pram in and out will be close to impossible. Maybe you’d just like a bigger or nicer house with a garden before having a family. If you’re able to move and get settled before children come along then this will be much easier than moving later down the line.


Getting your physical and mental health up to scratch before having a baby is no bad thing. Speak to your GP, have anything checked out that you’re not sure about and get yourself onto the right treatment and medication if there are any issues. You might want to lose weight, improve your fitness and give your diet a boost for a year before trying to put yourself in the best position possible. This will help both with conception and having a healthy pregnancy.


Many people make the mistake of having a baby to save a failing relationship, this isn’t the right thing to do. Babies put pressure even on the strongest relationships, if you’re already having trouble then things will almost certainly get worse. Go to relationship counselling, or ask yourself if this is really the person you should be doing this with before you go ahead.

Other issues

Sometimes it can feel like it’s never the right time to have a baby, and admittedly things might never be ‘perfect’. But there are a few things that are worth waiting to resolve until bringing a child into the world, ideally. For example, if you’re in lots of debt you might want to pay that off first. If a loved one is very unwell then waiting until you feel less stressed about what’s going on might be an idea. Maybe you’re even working with a company like Wall & Wall Attorneys At Law PC to resolve legal or criminal issues- it’s best to wait until these kinds of things are resolved before trying. Have a think about whats going on in your life and ask yourself if it’s the right time.

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