A Quick Guide To Medication Compounding

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Medication nowadays is increasingly created to be one-size-fits-all, that is that it doesn’t take into account the individual needs of the patient. In some cases, patients need a little more than an off the shelf drug, and that’s where drug compounding comes in.

What is drug compounding

Drug compounding is the term used to describe the process of tailoring medications through mixing, combining them, or removing certain ingredients, in order to meet a patient’s specific needs. Compounded drugs are usually only created by a compounding pharmacy and must be very carefully created to ensure that they are safe and effective.

Is drug compounding new?

Not at all! Drug compounding is a lot rarer today than it once was, but not so long ago all pharmacies compounded their medications. In times gone by, doctors would list the ingredients of medications onto their prescriptions and it was down to the local apothecary to work out the quantities of each so that they would best suit their patient. Essentially, a customized medication was given to every patient, whereas nowadays, people are given an off-the-shelf one size fits all option that sometimes doesn’t do the trick.

Why do some people need to take compounded drugs?

Today, the most common reason that people choose to take compounded medication is that it can be easier for them to use. For example, a hard to swallow pill can be made into a topical balm and applied directly to the affected area, or flavorings can be added to certain medications to make them more palatable to fussy children. Sometimes drugs need to be compounded for medical reasons such as if the patient has an allergy to a certain ingredient or dye in the medication or if they are unable to swallow or ingest the medication in a conventional way.

What are the benefits of compounded medications?

Aside from helping those with allergies or difficulties taking conventional medication, compounding drugs is simply the best way for science and a patient’s personal needs to combine as one. For patients taking multiple medications a day, compounding can combine their medications into a single effective and safe dose, making it easier for them to take it. Also, not everyone can absorb medication in the same way and by compounding their drugs to create a personalized medication compound pharmacies can help to ensure that they are receiving the dose that they need. Similarly, some people may experience adverse side effects to certain medications that can make their experience of taking it very unpleasant or in some cases impossible. By removing certain ingredients and compounding their medication, a compound pharmacy can provide that person with a medication that does not cause them to experience these side effects, making them more likely to continue to take it on a regular basis. This ultimately improves treatment outcomes as well as patient satisfaction.

Should you try compound medication?

Compound medication isn’t for everyone but it can dramatically improve the lives, health, and well-being of certain people. If you’re interested in finding out more then reach out to a compounding pharmacy for advice.

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