Growing Marijuana Legally In The US

The legalization of using, purchasing, and growing marijuana has been spreading rather rapidly throughout the US as of late, but the push for legalization is not a straight or simple path. State laws, federal rules, and more local rulings can all make the legality of growing cannabis tricky to wrap your head around at first.

This infographic takes a closer look at how the legality of growing weed is determined from state to state. First, we break down what the federal laws say about growing marijuana across the whole state, but then we look into how each state interprets federal law. It’s the state’s interpretation that is enforced, though there may be some local ordinances that change even that to some degree.

When looking at the legality of growing cannabis in the US, we have to break it down into three categories that all states more or less fall under at this stage. These are the states in which is not legal to grow marijuana, states where is legal, and states where it is only legal to grow marijuana if you are a medical patient. The color-coded map helps break things down into easy-to-understand graphics.

Each state may have its own caveats as to how much marijuana can be grown or, in the case of legal for medical patients, who can grow it for you. As such, click the infographic to break down, in detail, the legality of growing marijuana in each state, as well as to get information on how you can grow marijuana with a medical marijuana license.

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