WordPress theme that loads way faster

I changed my theme again :) The old one has problems with the plugins I have activated and some friends have noticed that the old theme loads way too slow. I thought it was just on my end but apparently, others experienced it, too.

I looked for a simple, 2-column wordpress theme that has a white background and found this Blue Zinfandel Squared Enhanced 2.0 by Brian Gardner. I tweaked it a bit and put a header image, raindrops caught on cobwebs. I also darkened the navigation bar and the footer.

This is the original look of this theme.

I am satisfied with the outcome. My blog now loads way faster than the previous themes I had. I also like the light blue and black font colors here.

Anyway, since I love changing themes, I will start recommending great, functional themes that I find. Plus sites where you can get wordpress themes and blogger templates as well.

It’s Palm Sunday today. Gone to church yet? Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

*Just updated to the wordpress 2.3.3 version. If you find something weird going on here, please drop me a line, will you?

PR is coming back!!!

Hey Matt Cutts, what’s up with the returning PageRanks???

Good news, friends! Apparently, some blogs are getting their PageRanks (PRs) back. Both blogs of tita Liza slapped with a PR0 less than a month of getting a PR4 are now given back their PRs. Ate Ghee’s blog got a +1 in her PR. From PR3 it is now back to PR4. Most bloggers given a PR4 before the big slap where given back their PRs. Again, mostly PR2s. Rach’s, Ate Thess’, Teacher Julie’s blogs got their PRs back. Lucky them!

There is hope, people.

I just wish this blog’s PR will come back one day soon :) And I wish I know what’s the criteria in getting a blog’s PR back. Oh Google!

Happy Friday weekend everyone!

He looked like the Big Bully!

Have you watched the Senate hearing today? I was able to watch the portion wherein Senator Jinggoy Estrada was the one in-charge of asking Leo San Miguel and Dante Madriaga. I just noticed something with the way Jinggoy treated both men… he has a smirk the whole time and was quite the big bully!

Maybe he was thinking that ha! Now you know how it feels to be grilled the way we were grilled when my father and I were being charged with so many things!

If you watch the hearing, there is a big difference with the way the senators treat the witnesses. Senator Kiko Pangilinan, Senator Rodolfo Biazon and Senator Allan Cayetano knew how to treat the witnesses. No condemnation in the way they look at these people. Jinggoy on the other hand…

My post’s title says it all.

Bb. Pilipinas winner: Should a beauty queen be a good English speaker?

Ruffa Gutierrez reacted to the winner of the Bb. Pilipinas beauty pageant for NOT being fluent in English. The lady had a hard time in her Q&A portion but still went on to win the title of Bb. Pilipinas-World, a title previously won by Ruffa herself.

Come to think of it, what is wrong if you only know how to speak your native language and nothing else? Does a beauty queen really have to speak the English language fluently?

Let’s just recall a bit here that Dayanara Torres has an interpreter when she won the Miss Universe title a couple of years ago. She spoke in Spanish the whole pageant.

So do you really need to be fluent in English for you to become a beauty queen? Is it a requirement?

This just shows how colonial mentality is affecting us Filipinos. Fluency in English does not necessarily mean you are speaking sensibly when you open your mouth. I can name a lot of people I met in the call center companies I have been with who speak really good English coupled with the American or British accent but with the brains of a child. English fluency does not translate to an intelligent person, people!

Ruffa is wrong in saying that it is embarrassing for a beauty queen to be unable to speak in English. Says who? There is no need to be self-righteous when it comes to English fluency and grammar. We should all be proud of our language. If a beauty queen cannot speak in straight English, then let her speak in Tagalog and get an interpreter! Other countries do that, why can’t we?

My point is this… why lambast a girl for that? Give the girl a break! At tayo namang mga Pilipino, kung di kinakailangang mag-Ingles o kung talagang di natin kaya, eh di mag-Tagalog na lang! Wag masyadong trying hard! Walang masama sa pagsasalita ng Tagalog.

OFWs: Would rather be a TNT than go back home

Last night, I watched an episode of The Correspondents on Filipinos working in Macau. Macau is the Las Vegas of Asia. In this little city, you will find the best casino places in Asia. And in Macau, you can find thousands of Filipinos, legally and illegally, working hard to be able to send money to their families back in the Philippines.

Do you know their sorry state in that place? 15 people living in a house that is intended for 4-6 people. Employers promised a $1,500 salary but they only get $850 because of ‘absences’ that are actually rest days. A handful of them are staying there illegally, waiting for the big break – a job that will help them rise out of poverty.

What caught my attention in that episode is the complaints of fellow Filipinos that the Philippine representative in that place cannot even help them because the rep is claiming he doesn’t really know his role there. My goodness! Our government is really good for nothing! Even representatives sent abroad are incompetents!

A Filipina told Karen Davila (who did the special episode) that she’d rather stay in Macau illegally, working part-time, than go home and starve to death with her family. That’s how pitiful the country’s economy is! When citizens would rather stay in a foreign land and place their hopes there, than go home and trust the Philippine government will do something about their plight.

*For non-Filipinos, TNT means Tago-Nang-Tago, an illegal alien avoiding the immigration officials from deporting them.

Global Warming

Weird what is happening around the globe these days. It’s summer here in the Philippines but we get rain showers every now and then. In some parts of the country, there are even floods right at this very moment. In a province (Calamba, Laguna), there is an outbreak of the typhoid fever. Hundreds of children were taken to hospitals in the area because if this. Unrelated to weather but who knows.

In the news last night, Germany is experiencing heavy winds and a Lufthansa plane experienced difficulty landing because of it. Several other Asian countries are experiencing weird weather as I type this post.

I must admit that when I really think about it, it scares the living daylights out of me. Is this global warming?

Are you also experiencing weird weather in your country? Are you aware of global warming and the steps being taken to help save the earth?

And I am back!!!

Had one hell of a webhost transfer! But everything seems fine now. I will just take a much needed shut eye and will be back in an hour or two.

I will make some changes in this blog once more. I will also announce something later.

See you in a jiffy!

The end and the beginning

I am now going to transfer to a new webhost. This site will be down for a day and will be back up with some changes. Hopefully, this new webhost will deliver.

I have recommended my previous webhost to several friends of mine. Napahiya ako talaga. And for that, I apologize to the friends who are suffering from the erratic server connection of the said webhost. If you need to transfer, just email me. But because of what happened to my former webhost, I will not recommend webhosts anymore. You can email me, especially Cess.

Happy weekend everyone!

See yah in a bit! :)

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