I don’t know if it’s just me or you also feel this way… I get annoyed whenever there is a request for a blogger to vote for him or her in this or that contest. Let me clarify that. I don’t get annoyed if the request is from my blogger-friends. If the request is from someone I don’t even know… blah! How can I vote for you and say that your blog is really great when you’re not even in my blogroll and I haven’t seen your blog yet???

Aargh! Some people!

A Happy and Blessed 2008 Everyone!

I wish everyone will have a bountiful year ahead :)

I know you have noticed I have been away for days now. I am currently enjoying some ‘vacation’ time and will be fully back by January 7, 2008. I will make it up to everyone by then.

God bless everyone! Have a safe New Year’s Eve celebration!


I hate it when friends abuse my kindness!

I lent a friend some money back in July. I wouldn’t have lent him some if he really didn’t need it. I also trusted him not to double cross me. Boy was I wrong! Almost 6 months down the road, here I am, begging him to at least leave me a message on YM. I have left messages on his YM accounts, Gmail, Friendster and even texted him even if his cellphone number is always out of reach. All messages asking him to at least tell me if he can already pay me or he still needs more time. I was polite at first thinking maybe he has not gone online for a few days now and his cellphone was pawned to get money for his kids and all. I am creating scenarios in my head so as to avoid thinking that he has no more desire to pay me. And then I saw his Friendster account a few minutes ago. It says that his last log in was 24 hours ago. Tapos dedma??? WTF?!?!@#$!%

I left him an angry message telling him to give me some respect because I did not just picked up that money out of nowhere. Of all my friends…

Another friend is asking for some financial help. She might not pull something like this on me but I don’t know. I have a soft heart for people undergoing financial problems because I’ve been there so many times I know the feeling of drowning in a sea of debts. That’s why I help relatives and friends. I always keep in mind that when I was in that situation, I hardly had someone I can run to for some financial help. And now that I can do my share of helping, I want to at least give back the kindness I received from others before.

But with this situation, I don’t know if I will lend money to friends again.

I am really pissed right now!

Funny banner!

I bumped the entry that was supposed to go up tonight and instead I am posting this one. I am browsing sites of some popular bloggers today to get some idea on what is happening in the other side of the blogosphere (read: the upper class) and have found this banner really funny…


These people are kissing Poogle’s a$$ to be able to get their PRs back. Ha! As if Poogle Google will care about them!

This blogger, one of the top earners in PPP, is saying goodbye to her paid posts because she is on a “Poogle worship mission”, her words not mine. She can adopt all this kiss-a$$ attitude already because she has earned over $10K from PPP and is earning almost $1K from TLA every month. Now what about the little bloggers just starting out to earn some extra income for the holidays???

I say go on an Alexa worship mission! Haha 😀


I read Matt Cutts’ blog whenever he has updates. I love the guy even if he works at the Poogleplex. I admire his spunk in answering bitchy comments from bloggers slapped by his boss. I also admire his deep supply of patience in facing bloggers lambasting his boss. He explained some reasons why most blogs lost their PR. As well as why blogs not selling links or doing paid posts also got the slap. But there are loopholes in his explanation that I still don’t understand. Like, why are some blogs selling links not penalized like ours? Are they just lucky enough to avoid the Poogle’s all-encompassing eyes? And he said that blogs not into paid posts got a PR reduction because there was a PR update made at the same time the slap was happening. But then when you look at popular blogs previously slapped, they got their PR back just after a few days. What’s the deal?

Anyway, whatever, I still love Matt Cutts! Go read his blog if you are concerned whether Poogle will give you your PR back.


Anyhow, this site is saying GOODBYE to PPP, Blogsvertise and ReviewMe. Ah no, I am not on a Poogle worship mission as well. It’s just that, now that this site is back to a PR0, I don’t feel compelled to write $5 posts under PPP anymore. And I am not really crazy about the Real Rank and Social Spark. It looks dubious to me and there is this nagging thought in my mind that Real Rank will only benefit the upper class of PPP posties and posties from the US, Canada and UK. Asian posties, notice how we don’t get decent opps but when you ask other posties in the US and UK they still get decent ones even if they have a PR0?

ReviewMe has brought me a decent amount of income when I joined them. But for some reason, campaigns get lesser and lesser for PR0 blogs. Ditto with Blogsvertise.

I checked and I only have 9 posts under PPP and 8 posts under ReviewMe. Not really sure how many under Blogsvertise but I think it’s around 5. There will be no more than that.

I will still be doing paid posts for SponsoredReviews, Smorty, PayU2Blog, BTOP and others.

BUT, it would be lesser or in between 2 non sponsored posts. That will be my goal for this blog come 2008.

Happy blogging everyone!

Can you feel the Christmas spirit?

Not really. I just felt it when we went to Divisoria last weekend. Saturday and Sunday mornings, we were at Tutuban and 168 Malls. We bought gifts for relatives and friends already. That is the only time I felt its already Christmas because there are so many people around doing their Christmas shopping. But other than that, wala.

I just feel sad because you cannot feel the old Christmas spirit anymore. Those times we were kids when shopping was not really important. Caroling was the main focus of kids, eagerly awaiting December 16th. I miss the old times when Christmas decorations did not consist of huge, expensive “parols” bought from Pampanga or Gilmore Street but of a simple parol made of papel de Hapon. Christmas is so commercialized nowadays. If you don’t have enough money, your Christmas is doomed. That’s the idea injected in our minds.

I noticed that in our neighborhood, only 3 houses, including ours, put up Christmas lights and parol. How sad no? When before, after November 2, decorations are in full swing already. Now, it’s already December 3 and yet people are not yet in the Christmas mood.

Ask them why and only one answer will they give you…

Wala kasing pera.

Didn’t they know that with or without money we can all celebrate Christmas? It need not be an expensive celebration. We just have to go back to basic and celebrate it because of the Lord. A simple parol will do. It need not be an expensive one. Banderitas will do. And some Christmas songs blasting from the neighbor’s radio will do the trick.

Wait, come to think of it, do you hear Christmas songs being played on the radio?

Come on, let’s start spreading the Christmas spirit. It’s 22 days before Christmas… can you suggest ways we can celebrate Christmas even without much money involved?


I will not be visiting your blogs most especially this coming weekend. We are all going to Pangasinan and will be staying there for 3 days. Family will be back by Monday morning. There is a bit of an emergency at the province because of my dad’s uncle suffering a series of heart attacks. This is the uncle who provided my parents shelter when they eloped some 30 years ago. This is the same uncle who makes sure we get to enjoy our vacations when we’re there in Pangasinan. So you can just imagine our desire to be with him in this time of need.

And why am I telling you all now when it won’t be until Friday?

I need to do tons of tasks which due dates will fall on the weekend.

Blessed weekend everyone!

In Abundance

I often forget the endless blessings that come from Him. Di ba nga they said that if you pray, why worry? But of course, easier said than done especially with my position.

I must admit that the recent Google slap that happened across the 4 corners of the www hit me hard. I monetize my blogs, you see, and getting a -2 on my pageranks was really a big blow to me. I earn a lot with my akoni site (Ate Ghee, pramis pag-uwi mo talaga sa WB tayo, u know*wink*… sagot ko! hahahah) that was a PR4 before and after the Google slap, it went down to PR2. Same with my blogspot site than went down 1 PR. I worried a lot that I might not earn as much as before.

I forgot that I am praying nga pala. And so many people are praying for me including my lovable monk kuya Dom Lawrence. Binatukan ako ni Lord kanina lang, just a few minutes ago kasi ang arte ko raw! Hehehe… I received a notification from Sponsored Reviews about an offer for this site…


*Click nyo na lang yung pic para makita nyo how much ang offer sa akin hehehehe…

I was laughing but teary-eyed at the same time. Sobra mambatok si Lord ano? Hehehe…

I forgot that around 2nd month of this blog, I started earning big bucks from this one na. Even without a pagerank pa. Bonus na lang that I got a PR2 for this one already. I kept on focusing on my other blogs and the negative things that happened instead of focusing my energy more on this one and the positive things that I gained ever since I started monetizing my blogs.

You’re probably wondering why I am so keen, and obviously, addicted to making money online? Well, I plan to buy a car by December. Kaya ba ng kita ko? Hmm… we’ll see. So far I have bought a lot already from my income. A sofa set, antique mirror, a TV rack, some closets, a bed for my dad, a crib for Hazel, new mattresses for us, 6 cellphones for the whole family, digicam, and not to mention countless shoppings done since I received my first batch of payments. Doesn’t sound like much for some people but believe me, I will never earn this much from my 8-5 job.

Anyway, my point is, I need not worry because I know He will provide. And another thing, I should tell you, my friends, that I seldom visit your blogs because aside from being busy making money, I am still having problems with my internet connection. It’s a long story but to make it short, PLDT refuses to grant me a DSL line because of my neighbors, Bayantel is slower than a turtle, Globe does not cover our area and there is nothing else for me to do but wait until either PLDT listens to my appeals or Bayantel finally gets its act together. For now, tiyaga muna sa connection ko talaga. And hingi na rin ako ng pasensya sa inyo kasi nga bihira na ako makadalaw.

I will make another post for some link love for those people who kept on visiting me kahit pa di ako masyadong makadalaw sa kanila :)

Always remember…

When God closes a door, He opens a window.

Happy Wednesday to everyone! Mwah!

What would you do?

What will you do if you have a best friend, already married, and is having marital problems? He insists in making you a pillar of strength even if you are in doubt whether you want to take on that role. Whenever you talk to him, he opens up and pours out his weaknesses and how he ought to just kill himself because he cannot act like a father should. And you are all tired of negating whatever harmful things he thinks he ought to do.

What will you do?

I am a good friend. Not because I am kind and all. It’s just that I believe in karma, that’s why. I am a good friend because I want to have good friends in return. And I can say that I do have some really good friends. Especially those from high school… and two from college.

I do not want to be a bad friend, most especially to a really close bud. But I am tired of everything. Don’t get me wrong, I love my best buds. The other one does not bother me with marital problems yet. He’s getting married soon. While the other one…

I just realized that maybe because I am used to seeing men like my dad, I am uncomfortable with the kind of setup I currently have with best bud no. 2. I don’t like it at all. I don’t like to always remind him to be strong for the kids, to not give up on the wife, to just hold on to the family and not harm himself. I particularly hate stopping him from leaving his family. I really hate it! It’s a sign of weakness and I hate it that a father can think of abandoning his family for whatever reason.

Now I am resorting to going invisible whenever he’s online. I hardly reply to his text messages.

And this afternoon, I cringed at a message I received from him. He’s asking if I am mad at him and if so, he does not want it to happen because I am the only one left that he can lean on.

I really don’t like it at all.

If you are in my position, what would you do?

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