What do you think?

I have not been able to drop ECs for the past days. I apologize for that. I am sick and have been staying online to do work and then would log off right away to sleep my cough and cold off. To my droppers, I am returning drops as I write this entry.

I was just wondering, while dropping, if Entrecard is still any good in your opinion. Frequent downtime, declining advert clicks, bounce rate. In my case, I still get comments from first-time visitors or those who are not regular readers. Not much but I am already happy with what I get. Sadly, the advert clicks declined, as well as the organic clicks.

So what do you think, is EC still as good for you?

Direct paid to post offers: Which ones are legit?

I get invitations to write about this and that by email. These are direct offers from individuals representing companies and other advertisers. I know right away who’s legit and who’s spamming my inbox. Like there are emails coming from a company offering an opportunity for you to earn a thousand bucks ($1,000) a day! Come on! If it’s a month, I might believe it. But a day?!? Then there are those selling techniques for you to earn as much. Or those home-based opportunities where you need to sign up and eventually after filling out 3 forms, you are actually going to pay a fee before you can join. Hmm…

I tried some that I thought were legitimate offers and they turned out to be legitimate offers! I got paid and that’s it. Some return to ask for another blog. I remember there was once this blog advertising program, Blog for Bucks that victimized a lot of bloggers for a measly $15! A person representing them would contact you for offers and after you posted it, they would stop replying to your demands of payment. I did write for them twice and they paid me both times. After that, probably due to misuse of funds, they stopped paying other bloggers.

Let me tell you that some are legitimate offers. It’s for you to discern which ones are legit and which ones are not.

Do you get this kind of offers? Have you tried it and the most important question, did you really earn from it?

You got to be kidding me!

I read this post from a personal blog by an Entrecard member. I am trying to leave a comment but it won’t work. I would like to tell the author of this blog that…

1. Ferdinand Marcos was a dictator who killed so many Filipinos and was not even sorry for it. Sure, some can be attributed to her crazy wife, Imelda Marcos. But then he’s still the president who could have done something to stop all the craziness back then.

2. He stole so much money from the country that he made Switzerland so rich! It could have been our country but then he stole what should have been the citizen’s money.

3. Remember the bombings???

4. He ruled for 20 years and who really knew every little dastardly thing he did during that time? He wouldn’t have stopped being the dictator if not for the People Power with Cory Aquino.

5. His family still won’t return the money they stole!!!

So, blog author, do you really want to give this man…

President Ferdinand E. Marcos, the great military man, the former Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of the Philippines deserves to be treated the way we did to Cory Aquino. Full military honors, paying tribute to what he really did for the entire nation, the good side of it.

Yes, we are taught to forgive and forget. We are a Catholic nation. But then some things are really hard to forget. Forgive, sure. But to even think of giving this man honor???

Fascination with Facebook

Addicted to FacebookI’m sorry, I just have to say this… I just can’t see all the hype about Facebook. I’ve been a member for quite some time now and it’s practically the same as other social networking sites. Probably better because of the many apps and all that, plus it has tons of things about True Blood, but other than that…

Or maybe, it’s just me. I was chatting with a friend a week or so ago about Facebook. She’s addicted to it. She spends two to three hours after her shift just updating her account and writing on friends’ walls. While we were chatting, she’s busy with uploading her photos. I just could not see how you can spend hours in it. It’s nothing new.

I know some enterprising individuals are using it for their businesses. Spending hours networking, meeting potential customers, business partners and such I can understand. I can even understand that some are on the lookout for celebrities and the latest about them. But to simply be there to update it and “connect” with friends (when you can connect with them via IM or in person, which is much better)… now, that I can’t understand. I don’t mean to offend those who are addicted to Facebook. This is my personal views and opinions about it. As I’ve said, maybe, it’s just me.

Are you?

Are you?

So, pray tell, why are you addicted to Facebook? Do you also spend hours in it? Or like me, you can’t also understand the fascination?

EC dropping habit

I have been neglecting my EC dropping for a number of days already. It is addictive and when I start, I completely forget the other things I’m supposed to do. You know why? Because I don’t drop and run. I scan the blogs I drop my EC card on. I might not leave a comment but I read recent posts, especially from blogs I bookmark. So instead of doing some pending tasks while dropping, what I do is drop and read at length.

Anyway, later, I will be back to dropping. And reading. I just might leave a number of comments on your most recent posts as well.

Bluehost Tech Support experience

I just had a very wonderful 12-hour wait for my blogs to be up. I am being sarcastic, if you haven’t noticed it. It started around 6PM yesterday, August 6. Most of my blogs under an account in Bluehost were showing “Error establishing a database connection” when I try to load it. I waited for 15-30 minutes to pass considering that in my past experience, Bluehost downtime only takes a few minutes. But when my blogs were still down, I used the AliveChat service of Bluehost to talk to a tech support about it.

I got someone named “Rev” the first time. This was what he told me…

I apologize, an Admin just gave me an update. In order to give the best database performance possible, and to ensure the integrity of your data, a diagnostic is being performed, and any inconsistencies will be repaired. This process may take approximately 20 to 60 minutes

So I said, sure, I’ll wait for the diagnostic to be done and would just contact support again if the problem persist. After 2 hours, I was back using AliveChat again and this time, I got someone a tech support named “John”. I got this from him…

We will do our best [to get the blogs back up], and we apologize that we don’t have an estimate for resolution yet, but it is a problem with our server we’re trying to fix
we are working on theMysql server for that server–we are restoring from backup the database users

He was really nice so I said again that, sure, I would wait some more hours. Anyway, in my mind, that was the first time it happened to me. Third time’s the charm! At 2:48AM today, August 6, I was able to talk to someone named “ndickson”. After more than 6 hours more, my blogs were still down. A handful were up so I was very suspicious already on what’s happening. I was fearing the worse. Crash/corrupted databases, etc. I was told that…

Okay I just spoke with the admins they are nearing completion of their work on this server.
it shouldn’t be that much longer.
so it looks like your databases are coming back online which means this work really is “nearly done”

By that time, I was totally pissed off already because I was doubting if it’s really their servers that had a problem. I was checking the server status from time to time and every time, it gave back a message that server load was okay and service was okay. I told ndickson that but he said that the server status is not up to date right now. Clearly, this tech support was giving me false information, the same way that the previous 2 might have given me false information as well.

4 hours after that 3rd chat, I thought of contacting support one more time. This time around, I got someone named “EricW”. Do you know what this guy told me??????

Well your config files are not correct
mysql is not down
It has nothing to do with the servers.


Stupid me believed 3 inept, totally less experienced tech supports who told me that the downtime had something to do with the server repair. I should have checked myself but in my defense, in my past experience with Bluehost downtime, the tech supports I talked to were reliable.

So EricW told me that the config files were wrong. I checked and found out that the database users were deleted for some reason. All I had to do was to add the database users again to match what’s in the config files and ALL my blogs went back up.

Had anyone of the first 3 tech supports told me that the error was due to the config files, I would have done something about it right away and would not have waited 12 hours before everything got fixed. I am filing a complaint against those 3 tech supports so that they can go back to training to know more about their work!

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