Those Everyday Plights, Don’t Stand for Them!

Those everyday plights of life — they’re annoying, aren’t they? You know the ones. Those ailments that cause you pain or discomfort that you, for some reason, do nothing about. The technological turmoil that stops you from getting on with your very modern everyday life, that you never fix. However, these plights of life are just about as necessary as they are wanted! This means they are most certainly not wanted, and they are most certainly not necessary. So, accept them no longer. Instead, fight them. Fight the plights that afflict you every day, despite how significant you may deem them. Below you can find advice on how best to fight some of the most common plights of everyday life.

First of all you deserve a standard of life, and a standard of health, that sees you wake up pain free every morning. You deserve to be able to face each day with nothing hindering you. In every new day you are afforded, you should be able to be free hit the ground running. To do this, you need to stop accepting general aches and pains and you need to fight them. And one such general ache and pain that can be fought are migraines. As those who suffer with this plight can attest: migraines suck. And they can ruin a day as soon as it starts. It is for this reason — if not the whole host of other reasons as to why they do in fact suck — that you should fight them. And to fight them you need to be willing to do more than just take some over the counter medicine. No, you need to be able to afford yourself enough time to be able to relax in a cool, quiet and dark room. By doing so you attack the migraine that is causing you so much pain (excuse the pun) head on. You do so because migraines simple hate it when they aren’t provided with the warmth, noise and light that they need in order to grow.



But a good standard of health isn’t the only thing you can attain when you decide to fight the plights of everyday life. You can attain a better standard of life as a citizen of the first world too. Yes, technology is not the be all and end all of life. It has, however, wherever you like it or not become an integral part of it. And because it has become so integral, why stand for anything stopping you from using it? Why settle for slow wifi stopping you from accessing the Internet? Why let a bad phone battery leave you phone-less for large parts of the day? Why let a locked mobile phone stop you from contacting your family, friends and colleagues? In regards to the latter there is a simply remedy: treat your phone to a professional sim unlock. By doing so you would never have to worry about suffering from the first world problem of being without a phone for too long ever again. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to revert to the ways of communicating of the past, such as actually going out and talking to people! So, why settle for first world technology problems when you really don’t have to?

Slow Wifi

Why settle for any problem when you really don’t have to? There are a whole host of all-too-common plights that need to be fought in life. And only when you decide you aren’t going to stand for them any longer will you be able to attain the standard of life that you deserve.

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Waking Up Without Any Aches And Pains, That’s The Dream


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How amazing would it be if we could gently wake up from a wonderful dream and leap out of bed fizzing with more energy than a can of Red Bull? Just imagine it, being able to take on the day from minute one without any aches and pains to stop you. Unfortunately, that scenario was probably closer to the wonderful dream you woke up from than it is your reality. We know this because you aren’t alone. Loads of women wake up feeling a tad stiff or cramped and anything but fighting fit really. That doesn’t mean you can’t make an ache-free morning your everyday reality.

Read on to see out top tips and tricks on how to be spritely from the moment you first peel back your duvet:

Welcome The Darkness
Some people just have it all, including the ability to fall asleep in a lightbox brighter than the sun. But only a few people have this ability, so don’t feel hard done by if you’re not one of them. All you have to do is make sure your room is as dark as you can make it. This means getting a blackout blind, maybe even a sleep mask, while also getting rid of any alarm clocks or battery lights that may be peeking through the black.

Phone Free Zone
The worst thing for sleep is blue light and stimulation, both of which your phone offers by the bucket load. So why not make your bedroom a phone free zone or, better yet, go screen free for the hour before bed. Actually, why not do both? Unfortunately, the hardest thing to resist in the whole wide world is temptation, so it may be you have to remove that from the equation by leaving your phone to charge in the kitchen overnight. Voila. Temptation has gone.

More Comfortable Sleep
Everyone has a preferred sleeping position. Fetal, log, starfish, yearner, there are loads, and it is important that you find your preferred position in order to sleep better. According to a survey by British hotel chain, Premier Inn, that may not be enough, though. That’s why they came up with a list of ways each sleeping position can be improved to max out comfort, while simultaneously easing any aches and pains.

Pre-Bed Yoga
Finding deep sleep is all about being relaxed, which is where a spot of yoga could be the wildcard you were looking for. You’ve done the no phone thing, you have blacked out your room and learned all about your sleeping position, now all you need to do is get in the right frame of mind. That’s what yoga does, it makes you relaxed and happiness. After all, happiness is a choice. But it’s not just a mental relaxation you’ll get. Yoga will also help you minimise any pains you may be bearing from whatever day you’ve had, and dealing with this night before is a great way to wake up spritely.

Perfect Temperature
The other thing that can steal from a good night’s sleep, and thus steal away from a good recovery, is getting the temperature wrong. Too hot or too cold and you’ll keep waking up, and that isn’t the kind of broken sleep your body is yearning for. That’s why it is recommended that you try and keep your room between 65 and 68 degrees. That’s what the experts say.

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When It Pays To Be Financially Savvy

Money is something that affects us all throughout our lives. It can often be difficult making the most of what we have, especially when it feels as though that isn’t much. But no matter what kind of financial situation you might find yourself in, you need to be sure that you can make the most of that situation possible. As it turns out, there are a few certain times in life when it is particularly important to be as financially savvy as possible. In this article, we are going to look at what some of those occasions might be. Knowing this will help you to better prepare when those situations come around in your own life, and that will mean that you are more able to deal with the various financial problems which might arise as a result of those situations. Let’s take a look at when it really pays to be financially savvy.


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Leaving Home

When it comes to the various rites of passage which we all have to go through, this has to be one of the most emotional and, therefore, often the most difficult. On top of everything else that one needs to deal with t this point, there is also the financial element, and that is often extremely hard to get right. It is often when you leave home that you really need to start thinking about your own finances, how you are going to make them better, and what you can do to ensure that you do not need to return home at any point in the near future. It is a good idea to start thinking about some of the good habits that you should try to pick up, as before long they will become very important indeed. Of these, there is much to b learned, and that is mostly what makes this particular rite of passage so important for many young people.

For the first time, you will need to think about things like household bills and how to keep them down, how to learn to shop around for the best deals on everyday items and goods, and other aspects of that nature. These are all things which can take a long time to learn, and it is important not to give yourself a hard time if you have trouble at first. With time, however, you will find that the lessons you need to learn pretty much just appear and as when they are necessary, and having this approach enables you to understand them a lot better. Leaving home can be surprisingly stressful, but it is also one of the most exciting times – for you and your financial understanding of things.

Buying A Home

This might not be happening as you leave home, of course, but when it does happen it proves to be one of the most important occasions for a strong financial resolve. Buying a home is one of the most stressful situations that anyone can go through. Even if you have experience in it, you will find that it is always a little stressful. For most people, a property is the biggest purchase they will ever make, so there is little surprise that it can be something of a headache. If you are in the situation of buying a home, it pays to take your time and get to know the ins and outs of the whole process long before you sign your name anywhere.


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There are many such processes, of course, and you will soon find that it is much more complex than you initially had thought. But as long as you are keen to keep your head above water, you will find that you can, as long as you know where to look in the process. Whether you are looking at a condominium for sale or a grand mansion, you will want to ensure that you have the necessary funds to make it happen. This could mean that you can afford the whole yourself, or that you are in a strong enough position to get a decent mortgage. Either way, you should ensure that you remain financially sensible, as this will help you along the process hugely. If there is any time that it pays to be financially savvy, it is when you are making the biggest purchase of your life.


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Buying A Car

Although it is on a significantly smaller scale than buying a home, going out to purchase a car is still an important rite of passage which requires a steady head and a strong understanding of the finances involved. When you are buying a car, you mostly want to ensure that you are genuinely financially ready for the purchase. The good news about buying a car, of course, is that you have so many options. If you really want to cheap it out, you can buy an old car second-hand. These are significantly cheaper, and can still be as reliable and enjoyable to drive, if not more so. But if you are determined to have a new car, then you still have a number of options – and knowing those options will help you greatly. You might consider getting a vehicle on finance, for example, meaning that you pay it off little by little over a number of years. This can be a sensible way to ensure that you still end up with a car you love, and it can mean that you keep your monthly finances in order as much as possible. For many people, buying a new car outright is impossible, so it is good that such options exist. However you do it, make sure that you bear in mind not just the cost of the vehicle itself, but any and all ongoing costs which you might need to consider. That way, you are unlikely to get caught out by something that you have forgotten to consider.


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Becoming A Student

It is often a very good idea to learn as much as possible, but being in higher education is not always the best thing for your bank account. Fortunately, with a savvy approach to it all you can make much more of the situation than you might think. You could consider taking on part-time work, for example, particularly if you are keen on bringing in as much money as possible while you study. Or you might simply decide that you will make a difference to your finances by living as cheaply as possible, as many students do. It is also worth looking into the various ways that you can save money on your books and other things required for the education itself. Save on the essentials and cut out the rest, and you will be in a strong position as you progress through your education.

Getting A New Job

Whenever you land a new job, or you rise higher in the ranks at your current place of employment, it is usually a good opportunity to look at your finances and see if there is anything that could be improved upon. As a rule, getting a new job is a good time to check that you are paying the right amount of tax, and this is something that alone can make a huge difference to your yearly finances and your monthly paychecks. You should also think about whether the job you have is genuinely enough for the kind of life you want to lead and the sort of outgoings you tend to have. Making your work line up with your lifestyle is tricky, but it is also essential if you want to be as financially secure as possible. It is well worth looking into this and ensuring that you have got it as right as you possibly can. That way, you will feel much more secure in your current job, and that will help things out greatly.


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Whether you are shopping for those home essentials or just treating yourself, knowing how to find a bargain and how to spend less in general is always going to be hugely beneficial, so it is a good idea to try your best to learn those very skills as soon as possible. As a rule, you should be sure to always take the time to shop around as much as you can – it is only by shopping around that you will be sure you have found the best prices for everything, and that is the most important part of keeping your finances secure as you shop. But you should also make sure that you are only buying when it is really necessary too – or, in the case of frivolities and treats, that you only shop for those things once in a while. So long as you do that, you should find that your finances are kept relatively intact, and that you can still get all the things that you would like to have in life.

There is no reason that being financially secure means you have to sacrifice your enjoyment of the little things in life.

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Mother’s Day coming up!

mothers-dayThere are a number of advertisements on television, print, and even around the city through billboards reminding us that Mother’s Day is coming up. My mom has long been gone from this world but I still think of what I would have given her if she had been still with us now. Probably, floral tops as she’s very fond of those.

So, what are you giving your mother? If you haven’t thought of one yet, click here for a great deal. Well, if she’s into music and all that.

There are so many things that we can give our mothers that I am sure you will find something for her, no matter what her current mood is. There are clothes, accessories, kitchen stuff, baking stuff, gift certificates to spa and salon, and so much more.

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Supporting Crisis Through Transformation


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Watching a loved one go through a crisis, at any age, is painful and confusing, particularly if it changes the dynamic of your relationship and you are unsure how to cross the divide and help them. For the person experiencing that crisis it is like an earthquake has happened and they are left clutching to any small piece of solid ground they can find as their lives shift and fall apart. It can feel quite scary for those involved as they begin to question their lives and even their own mind. But a crisis doesn’t have to be a negative experience or an end. If given the right room and support you can both come through the process transformed and stronger for facing change together. If you are in crisis or know someone who is, read on for some ideas on how to give change a chance for a more positive outcome.

  • Rebadge it – the word crisis has negative connotations around breaking, falling apart and pain. This often overspills into personal relationships as you both try and cope with the fear and insecurity that change can bring. However a crisis doesn’t have to be about a break if you can see the process as a positive transformation. Transformation is part of life and so a positive step you can take to support a period of crisis is to focus on the positive aspects of change and transformation so that it can bring you closer together.
  • Let go – your instincts might be to hold on tight to the loved one going through this period of change and try and be there for them at all times. Sometimes though this can do more damage than good. This is a time of self-reflection and exploration and this can only be done positively if your loved one is given the space to do it. Try and avoid putting any timescale on it or imposing your boundaries; allow your partner to lead the way and support them by letting go with compassion. You can then be there for when they feel they are ready for your support.
  • Stay healthy – this is important for both of you. It is easy at this time to fall into negative health patterns such as drinking and drugs to try and escape the reality of the situation. This can be very dangerous however as this can lead to feelings of dependency and substance abuse. If you think you or your partner might have dependency issues you should consider drug and alcohol rehab so that you can face this process without any barriers. For strength of body and mind you could take up a relaxing hobby such as yoga, which when practiced together has the added benefit of bringing you closer both body and soul.

Remember this is an important period of your lives together and could be the defining moment of your relationship. Change is inevitable but when approached with an open mind, heart and inquiry it can build strength and resilience that is both joyous and everlasting.

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Don’t Worry, Be Appy: Making Money Through Mobile Apps

There’s a misconception that the only people who can launch an app into the mobile app stores and make money are the tech geniuses. This is not correct. Plenty of people without technical expertise have made an app and brought in some extra money! What’s more important that your tech savviness is the quality of your idea and how determined you are to make it a reality! Here are a few considerations to get you going on the way to app success.



What’s Your Crazy Idea?

First thing’s first: what is your crazy idea? OK, it doesn’t have to be crazy, but it should be original. And if not original, then at least a big improvement on an idea that has come before. If you think of an app that you would love to have but which doesn’t yet exist, you might be onto something good. So get your thinking caps on!

Is There a Market?

Of course, you’re only one person. If you think it’s a good idea then you’re guaranteed to have…at least one download. Do other people think it’s a good idea? Before you put the time into developing an app, conduct thorough market research to determine whether there’s a need or desire for your idea. It’ll save a lot of time and effort if you discover there isn’t before you get to work.

Now Don’t Get Carried Away…

Once we have our light bulb idea, there is sometimes a tendency to get carried away and make our original idea just the starting point for our app. Before we know it, we have an app with feature after feature that has…virtually no use to anyone. Don’t go overboard when it comes to planning what will be included in your app and the design. Think small. People download apps like crazy anyway so you don’t have to oversell it; if it’s a good idea, they will come.

Into Development and Killing the Bugs

If you have technical skills, you may be able to develop the app yourself. If you don’t, you’ll want to get an app development team on board to help turn your ideas into a reality. Once the app has been built, you’ll want to test it thoroughly for bugs and other errors using the tools listed on Apart from design and features, your app’s reliability will be the biggest factor in determining whether it’s a success.

Ready to Launch

Once you’re ready to launch you’ll need to set up accounts with the stores. Take a look at and then launch. Once it’s out there, you won’t be able just to sit back – now’s the time to evaluate how people are interacting with your app and whether you can improve any aspects. You can do this by monitoring analytics and feedback from your users. Then it’ll be over to you to look at rolling out more features to keep interest in your app alive after the initial download. Your app should always be evolving!

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