Why Jersey Barriers are Commonly Used for Traffic Control.

For the past several decades, concrete barriers have been common sights on America’s streets and highways. These barriers which are extremely strong are commonly referred to as jersey barriers. While there are many different styles, lengths and widths in general use across the country, all these barriers have one common goal and that is traffic safety.

Jersey barriers are extremely durable and long-lasting, making them ideal to use in traffic. These barriers can very effectively slow down and re-direct traffic as well as stop a vehicle that’s out of control. Jersey barriers feature an upward slope that provides a pivot point for a vehicle that is out of control which can prevent a fatal accident from happening.

Many companies use these concrete barriers in parking lots as dividers. Apartment complexes routinely place these barriers in strategic locations to keep motor vehicles off pedestrian walk-ways. Construction sites often make use of jersey barriers to secure the perimeters for the safety of workers and the public who passes through. Organizations and local governmental agencies often place jersey barriers on-site where large events will be held. These concrete barriers help keep order, direct traffic flow and help keep people on foot safe when entering and exiting events of all types ranging from concerts to park dedications.

One of the main reasons jersey barriers are so popular is that they are maintenance-free. Once these barriers are positioned into place, they can be forgotten about completely as they can stand up to the roughest treatment and the most inclement weather. While very simple in design, there’s no doubt that jersey barriers will continue to be very common sights across the United States as they are by far the most effective way to control traffic and to keep order.

Not just pets…

A friend of mine posted something on Facebook about being concerned with her pet dog. She said that her pet dog is not doing well and that it’s stressing her out because her dog is not just a pet to her but also a family member now.

I can relate to her predicament. My pet dog Chihuahua got really sick a couple of months ago. I thought it was the end for her because even her vet told me to bring her home so she could rest well and not be stressed anymore. The vet told me that there’s very little chance for my pet Chi to get better because her kidney and liver were not functioning well anymore. I took my pet home and made sure that what I thought was her remaining days here on earth be spent in a perfectly comfortable bed in our living room.

You know what I did? I took her out of her normal diet. I changed it to rice and steamed chicken strips. I used apple cider vinegar. I made sure to make her drink the kidney capsules the vet gave me. After a couple of weeks of that diet and personal care from me, voila! My pet didn’t need to take in posatex otic to get well. Her bloated tummy slowly deflated. Her overly red orange urine started changing to its normal color. And she became energetic again!

Pets are not just pets for some people like me. They are already family members and when one gets sick, expect us to move heaven and earth to make them well again.

Pleasing personality job requirement.

Have you noticed how some job advertisements would mention that the applicant should have a “pleasing personality”? Most jobs where a person needs to be in front of clients most of the time require this. Pleasing personality. Do you have one?

I am reminded of a job I applied at when I was into my third or fourth year of working as a corporate rat. I was applying for an accounting post so I was wondering why it had a requirement for a pleasing personality as the job actually entailed being in the corner of the office completing financial reports. But you know what? When I got the job, I realized that a pleasing personality is required even for back office posts because each employee represents the company. How can one represent it when the employee doesn’t even embody the ‘quality’ of the company itself?

So, make sure that you have one. It doesn’t mean you have to go all out in the beauty department but, hey, tony of beverly can help you give your looks a boost.

Throwing a party.

I had a very emotional chat with a friend a couple of days ago. Her younger sister is sick and she is very worried about her. It reminded me of the day when my younger brother got sick back when I was in college. It was a very bleak period in my life, in my family’s life. It’s a very trying journey for all of us but we were able to surpass it. My brother’s life ended, but the memories will always stay alive in our hearts. That’s what I told my friend. Expect the worse but hope for the best. And make the most of what’s left in her younger sister’s life. Let her live it to the fullest!

She is asking for my help in getting mexican party decorations for her younger sister’s fiesta de quinceaƱera. It will be a big party and, of course, I said yes in helping with the party preparations. We also threw a birthday party for my brother’s 15th, less than a month before he died. I remember him smiling the whole time. I knew it was a very happy day for him!

And that’s what my friend wants for her younger sister’s birthday as well.

Creating a durable fallback career.

This is what I know for sure. Every employee in a company, apart from the owner, is dispensable. No matter what they say that a person is essential to the success of the company, in a matter of days you can be replaced by someone better and brighter and more essential to the future of the company you are working for. I’ve seen it happen time and again to older co-workers who at one time had been the backbone of the company but when the bosses saw someone better and a less expensive worker, the “backbone” was replaced.

That is why I keep telling the people close to me, family, friends and old colleagues, to make sure they have a savings account to tap on when they find themselves in between jobs. Better yet, they should create a durable fallback career for when the one they have is no longer giving them the income that will sustain their family. An alternate career that can also sustain them in the long run, and one where they can be happy and fulfilled.

This person who I used to work with is using his God-given talent as a fallback should his career in the real estate industry will no longer sustain him and his family. He bought this contrabrass flute at wwbw, learned more complicated tunes, and recorded a couple of it to be used in weddings as background music. It was done for fun in the beginning but he later realized that it can be an alternate career for him. Who would have thought that his idea will become a success? He is now supplying background music CDs not only to weddings but also to other parties and events.

Create a durable fallback career which can sustain you and your love ones, and one which can give you the fulfillment and satisfaction you need.

New year, new venture.

One of my new year resolutions is to start a new venture. I am looking into opening a small business, possibly a food cart business somewhere in the city. I am targeting a spot in a public school nearby. I am already talking to an aunt who will become my business partner, a former colleague who will act as my external accountant and auditor, and a younger cousin who will be the one to man my food cart. It is not an easy process because there are permits to secure while sticking to the budget I made but I am doing my best to make it happen as soon as possible.

I am actually very inspired by a neighbor’s story. He was online checking some supplies at http://www.reidsupply.com/ and it hit him that he wanted to open his own hardware store. He started small, very much like a sari-sari store but stocked with hardware supplies. And then slowly he expanded as income poured in.

I would like to do the same. Slowly expand this new venture into a mini empire of my own.

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