Lessons from 2014.

I have a few things I learned this 2014. I will enumerate as it comes to mind…

  • Friends come and go. Even the good ones do. Don’t rely on them too much because you have to keep in mind that they have their own lives to live and that they only have a specific task to fulfill in your life after which they will go their own way.
  • Real friends/people in your life are the ones who are there for you at your darkest and lowest.
  • In business, there are no friends or relatives, especially in these trying times. Most of the time, people will try to hold information from you if they know you will bypass them in terms of income (as what happens with most bloggers).
  • Save! Trust me, you don’t want to find yourself with close to nothing especially when your source of income suddenly becomes unpredictable.
  • Trust your instinct. Always! It is there for a reason.
  • Don’t trust anybody easily. A person could be smiling at you but thinking bad thoughts to discredit you.
  • Forgive but keep in mind the lesson you learned.
  • All in all, I learned that, at the end of the day, we always go back to our families. They have our backs and, no matter what happens, they will always be there for us, through thick and thin. We may have disagreements, sometimes longer than necessary, but when push comes to shove, they are the ones whom we will find standing beside us at our lowest.

So, treat your love ones right and spend more time with them. Make them the priority and don’t let them feel they play second fiddle in your life.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

Let’s all welcome 2015 with positive hearts and minds.

Here’s to a fruitful blogging year for you and me.


How do you want to be remembered?


I want to be remembered as the girl who is strong, who gets up no matter how hard she was knocked down. The girl who is always there for her family and friends. The girl who tries so hard to become a beacon of hope for the people she loves.

I am not perfect. Nobody is. But what I have is vats of hope that we will all reach our maximum potential one day. I have enough faith that we will be able to live the lives we all want. And I have more than enough in me to rub it on others especially to the people around me. I want to be remembered that way, as the person who became a source of hope and faith to others.

I want to be remembered that way. What about you?

Christmas preparations… when do you begin?


When do you begin preparing for Christmas? When do you start listing down gift ideas, names of persons you will be buying gifts for, actual buying of gifts, and wrapping them?

I must admit that no matter how early I begin with my holiday preparation, I seem to end up cramming at the last possible minute to buy gifts for love ones. Last year, I was still shopping on the morning of December 24th for my sisters. Hehehe!

What about you? Do tell.


I am being reminded.

Never give up!

I’ve been thinking of giving up on a dream I’ve had since I was a teenager. Something to do with the creatives. Because I don’t think I’d have enough time to do it in between working. And then I saw this…

Never give up

Yes. Thank you for the reminder that I shouldn’t give up just because in my mind time is running out. Or isn’t enough.

I am drafting once again. I am dreaming high. I saw an ad and it made me giddy with excitement. Who knows, right?

I will…

Happy weekend everyone!


Wanting to help

Have You Ever Felt This Pain Of Wanting To Help Others But You Couldn’t?

That’s the title of an article written by Bro. Bo Sanchez. It’s about being financially able to help others. But let me answer it based on my experience…

I’ve been in that situation many times in the past. And particularly right now. A very dear friend of mine is having financial troubles. She’s in dire need of financial help but I cannot help her because I have a lot of obligations to attend to. I also don’t have enough extra funds to use. I kept pounding my head thinking of a way to help. I’ve been in the same situation as her so I know how bad she’s feeling right now and how desperate and hopeless everything is.

In this kind of situation I kept wishing I have the money to help. Unfortunately, I don’t. I have my family to think of. Plus some more monthly obligations to fulfill.

How I wish…

Forget not to live.


I know that we all want to have more money in our pockets and bank accounts at the end of the day. But you know what? Not all who have more than enough in their stash are happy their lives. Some can’t even sleep peacefully at night!

A former boss once told me that I should never forget to live. He said that there is always tomorrow and that work will be work and there’ll be more to come no matter how long I stay in the office.

He’s right, of course!

Forget not to live. Don’t let work eat your whole life. Travel! Go to places! And live!


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