Ask yourself this…

challenge people

This is a challenge I am giving myself. From now on, I will decipher what each person in my life is meant to teach me. Persons other than those blood-related to me, that is. I believe I will learn a lot more about myself with this challenge.

Challenge yourself, too!

Happy weekend to all!

Taking my time…

I am in the middle of some big changes in my work life. The latest update this net lord did affected my work-at-home life so much that I am now forced to make a drastic change to compensate for it.

But, lest you think I am mad or bitter over it, I am actually okay. I have finally accepted that some good things really never last. It was good, yes, and it gave me so much. I was able to spend so much time with the family while earning a decent amount of income every month. I was, and still is, hoping that it would last a couple more years but since I am about 75% sure that it won’t continue as I hoped it would, I have to take appropriate actions to continue to earn.


Sayang lang talaga. Who doesn’t want to work at home in your pajamas, surrounded by your family, and the income is more than enough to cover the monthly bills as well as the basics of the whole household? Yes, I was earning that much. Truth be told, in my heart of hearts, I am still hoping that the net lord will take pity on us small bloggers and will cut us some slack in this link business we are all involved in.

Died of being overworked.

Mita Diran
Died due to being overworked.

A young Indonesian copywriter reportedly died of being overworked. Shocking, right? According to an employee from the company where she worked, Mita Diran died “due to a lethal combination of being overworked and excessive consumption of Kratingdaeng – the Thai version of Red Bull, an energy drink consumed by many when required to stay awake during long hours.”

She was continuously working for 30 hours straight and presumably consumed too much of the energy drink to keep her going.

This is a sad reminder to all the young professionals out there who are either working in an office environment or at home… there is more to life than just work! We need to have a balance of work and play. We also need to know our limits. We may not feel it right away but our body gets tired and worn out after eight hours of work. Can you imagine going for 30 hours nonstop and surviving on an energy drink. That’s really pushing it too far.

I once worked for a call center company wherein I was part of the pioneer group. I worked for 14 to 16 hours a day, most of the time six days a week. There were days when I would work for 24 to 36 hours and I would go home feeling like a melted candle, numb and shaking from all the caffeine I consumed. After two years there, I felt relieved being able to wake up, work, function, sleep like a normal person again!

Don’t push yourself too far, please. Work will be there no matter what. It will just change form, deadlines, and all that, but it will still be work. Your body, your health, will deteriorate if you push it to the limit. Don’t let yourself become a victim of overworking. Work hard, yes. But play harder!

Rest in peace, Mita.

Enough with the rain please…


I really hope it will stop raining this weekend.

Tomorrow I want to go to the mall and watch Man of Steel with my sisters. I want to buy some books and just have fun not hurrying home due to heavy rains and the fear of being stranded due to floods.

Sunday is Father’s Day and we are sure to go out to hear mass together and then have lunch out. Who wants a rainy Father’s Day celebration, right?

Happy weekend everyone!


Bye 2012! Hello 2013!!!

Cheers 2013

It’s time to say goodbye to 2012. Thank you for a good year! There were moments of worries but I would like to look back with gratitude more than regret.

So from my family to yours…

Hello 2013!!! I pray we will all have a truly great, prosperous, productive and fruitful new year! Let’s focus on our health and well-being this coming year, quality of life more than anything.

Cheers to all!

God bless and stay safe!


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