Getting hospitalized.

No, I didn’t get hospitalized. But a friend’s mom is currently in a hospital attached to tubes and a ventilator to keep her alive. And it is reminding me of how hard it is to have a love one get sick and be hospitalized. First of all, the worries whether your love one will get well or worsen. You are stressed out, worrying what the doctor will tell you the next time he/she drops by the hospital room. You are also stressed out about the increasing hospital bill!

When my mom got diagnosed with a rare kidney disease, our journey in and out of the hospital began. Regular medical check-ups with three specialists, laboratory tests at least once a quarter, numerous trips to the pharmacy to get her supply of medicines, and, of course, the several times a year of confinement. You can just imagine how much we spent every month for three years to make my mom as comfortable as possible. Can you also imagine what would’ve happened to my mom if we didn’t have enough money to pay for all her medical expenses? She probably died sooner.

And, you know what? That is the usual scenario with most Filipinos who don’t have health cards, health insurance plans, or deep pockets. Sick love ones suffer in their homes because the cost of hospitalization is high. An admission into a private hospital will cost you 10,000 pesos (roughly US$235). If you are only earning so much and is living from paycheck to paycheck, where will you get that amount?

I really hope that the day will come when the government will find a way to make hospitalization affordable for all Filipinos, especially for the poor.

Died of being overworked.

Mita Diran
Died due to being overworked.

A young Indonesian copywriter reportedly died of being overworked. Shocking, right? According to an employee from the company where she worked, Mita Diran died “due to a lethal combination of being overworked and excessive consumption of Kratingdaeng – the Thai version of Red Bull, an energy drink consumed by many when required to stay awake during long hours.”

She was continuously working for 30 hours straight and presumably consumed too much of the energy drink to keep her going.

This is a sad reminder to all the young professionals out there who are either working in an office environment or at home… there is more to life than just work! We need to have a balance of work and play. We also need to know our limits. We may not feel it right away but our body gets tired and worn out after eight hours of work. Can you imagine going for 30 hours nonstop and surviving on an energy drink. That’s really pushing it too far.

I once worked for a call center company wherein I was part of the pioneer group. I worked for 14 to 16 hours a day, most of the time six days a week. There were days when I would work for 24 to 36 hours and I would go home feeling like a melted candle, numb and shaking from all the caffeine I consumed. After two years there, I felt relieved being able to wake up, work, function, sleep like a normal person again!

Don’t push yourself too far, please. Work will be there no matter what. It will just change form, deadlines, and all that, but it will still be work. Your body, your health, will deteriorate if you push it to the limit. Don’t let yourself become a victim of overworking. Work hard, yes. But play harder!

Rest in peace, Mita.

Not a bank account

My cousin needed a loan. And he went to ask one from me. I told him that I don’t have the luxury of lending money now as I am preparing for the next semester of my brother’s college tuition fees. I thought he understood perfectly what I said to him. Until I heard from my dad that he was hurt because I did not even lend him some money when he badly needed my help. Tsk tsk

This is the problem with relatives who think I am a bank account. So I called up my cousin and explained things again. I then suggested that he get a cash advance loan instead. In the end, I convinced him to try other avenues first before going straight to relatives. Better not to bother them if there are alternatives that you can explore first.

A higher income beginning this month.

Truth of the matter is that I need to earn a higher income beginning this month. I want to save up for the future not only for myself but also for my dad and one of my younger sisters (who is bent on staying single for the rest of her life!). I want to make sure that we have more than enough saved in the bank so that when the time comes that we can no longer work, we have more than enough to tide us until our last breath. That’s how much I want to earn and save up!

Going back to the corporate world is beginning to be more and more appealing to me. I haven’t worked in an office setting for the past seven years now. Close to eight, actually. I haven’t had a boss for that long and it’s been me, myself and I all along. But since I want a higher income, and I can no longer get it because the lord of the net is bullying us bloggers to submission, then getting back my old job might be the solution I need.

Another option that I am looking into is to go work abroad. Although this is the least of the options I have that I want to choose, it is still a more viable option to me considering I will be earning a currency higher than the local one. But being far away from the family will make me not only homesick but also worried sick of what might happen at home if I am not there.

If the lord of the net is not bullying us, I wouldn’t have this dilemma right now. Ugh!

Ah, stress!


This thing that the lord of the net is doing to us bloggers is stressing me out. Removals here and there and the uncertainty of ever receiving the same number of tasks as before… I just hate that freaking lord of the net! All they want is to amass everything, even the small cut we bloggers get! Darn them!

Have you noticed how stressed out I am because of it? It’s just so unfair to be treated this way when they are amassing A LOT compared to us.

BUT… there is no point in stressing myself out over it. I have no control over what that lord of the net is doing so might as well think of ways on how to outsmart them.


Procrastinating much!

What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you as a result of procrastinating?

It was back in 2006 when I lost a lot of money because I procrastinated. I had to write three reviews that time. Two reviews were worth $40 each, if I am not mistaken, and the 3rd one was worth $250. Yes, you read it right! Two hundred Fifty In US Dollars!

I was given 5 days to write the reviews but since I was also swamped that time doing one thing after another, I kept postponing writing the review. It was fairly easy as it involved a review of a real estate site in 200 words or more. Not much requests from the advertiser but just to make it neutral. Imagine my frustration when I realized it was due that day the internet connection in the office went bonkers! I was going crazy over not being able to connect and write a quick review to be edited after I submit the link.

It never happened. That amount of money went down the drains. Just because I opted to postpone something I could have done in minutes!

What a waste!

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